5 mistakes you’ll make in your first 3 days in London

If it’s your first visit to London, you’re likely to make these mistakes during your first three days here. Our community tells us which mistakes they made when they first arrived for their London visit, plus I add in a few more that I see London tourists making frequently.

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Black Rose says:

Your videos really helped me. Thanks 🙂

Luis Cuellar says:

I don’t understand how oyster cards work can someone explain please

Helen Trope says:

Don’t travel during rush hour. It’s hell.

Katie C says:

One tip from a Londoner, just walk. Walk around. Everything is so close and it gives you such a good insight into what London really looks like. Get to Waterloo Station and walk!

Lekh Raj Fulwariya says:

So nice

M&A GAMING says:

My trip is in spring 2019. I cant wait to go. This video really helped thanks

Donald Parlett jr says:

My rules goes as such 1) I swap over a couple hundred dollars to the currency I’m arriving in. 2) first day I lay low and get to the hotel and sleep for several hours. 3) get an A to Zed map. Jet lag really sucks and what I’ve done and I know it sounds crazy but I’ll travel first class going over as you’ll be arriving in the morning. You have quieter seating and a larger seat that is more of a recliner. Sounds nut but think of all the money and effort you’ve done , every hour counts so to speak. I always come home on economy class as it will be in the evening and you’ll be home(in YOUR bed). Been doing this every time I go to Europe or England and it works beautifully.

Sven Lm says:

I’d suggest not planning anything at all the first day other than looking up a restaurant or somewhere to get a good meal close to where your staying or even ask the hotel staff. Play the first day by ear and get your bearings, then go out and explore a little you may find a lovely pub and settle down for a couple of drinks, but if not, you’ve got that hotel or internet recommendation to fall back on.

Eric Saucier says:

Good video. Some day il make my way thru Europe and into Asia… Some day. Il keep these in mind

Robert Reijers says:

Do you have any tips for wheelchairusers ♿ with a stay in London?

Lou Cypher says:

I’m gonna visit London hopefully in the next year, and I’ve even considered moving there once I’m out of the military.
That being said, how are your interactions with people day to day as an American? If you slip up on some of the terminology or come across something you don’t understand, what is the average reaction like? Also, what is getting a job there like as a foreigner? If there’s a video for this already, I apologize. I love your videos though.

edmowl says:

Here’s a tip: get an oyster card for public transport or, if the economics work a TFL pass. Here’s another: avoid public transport in rush hour. Have a relaxing breakfast somewhere ’til 9, in the afternoon, find a pub, have a drink then head for a bite somewhere

tryptychUK says:

Rule one: GET AN OYSTERCARD – Then you don’t have to worry about travel tickets.
Also, check out the riverboats. Seeing London from the Thames is a great way to see the sights without the hassle.
Get a boat from Westminster or Charing Cross Pier to Greenwich.

Kormos17 says:

I literally walked from chelsea all the way up to Tower Hill. Totally worth it.

Tyra Kristiansen says:

Okay so. I’ve been to London around 15 times in the span of 4 years. London can be overwhelming and expensive, but i have some tips for all you tourists.

First off; Transportation.
Taking the tube can be a stressful experience. You should always be prepared for big crowds and tiny spaces. Try to avoid lines in central London like Circle, Piccadilly, and Central between 15-18 if you want to avoid big crowds.

Also, getting from Heathrow to central London is very expensive if you take a cab. Try taking the tube! Follow directions and take the Piccadilly line for about 30 mins. You can check the map for other tubes if Piccadilly isn’t taking you where you want to go.

DOWNLOAD THE MAP ON YOUR PHONE. There’s an app for it, just search it up. It’ll save you time planning. Trust me.

Second off; Tourist locations.

Many will probably want to visit Madame Tussauds. It’s a cool place, but the queue is horrible. You can end up standing 4 hours in line. To avoid this, order your tickets online. Make sure to use the website for Madame Tussauds, it’ll be way cheaper than other websites. When you’ve bought your tickets you go ask the ushers outside of the museum for what queue you should use. We did this and entered in 5 mins.

The Sherlock Holmes museum also has long lines. You can’t preorder tickets and you have to buy them on site. Don’t be fooled by the line, go in the store and buy tickets, then get in the queue. You’ll probably end up standing in a line for 2 hours, so take this in to account.

London Eye has a 1.5 hour queue normally, so be prepared for that aswell.

Harry Potter studio tours. DON’T ORDER A DRIVE THERE DRIVE BACK PACKAGE. Take the train from London Euston to Watford Junction. Walk outside and you’ll see Harry Potter Buses. If you can’t find them, ask the employees. These buses will drive to the studios and they’re quite cool.

This will allow you to be at the studio for as long as you please. The preordered packages leave you around 2-3 hours of exploration. I would recommend at least 4.5 hours. We spend 7-8 hours there, but you don’t need that long normally.

This method if also way cheaper, it costs around 30£ at the most for 1 person, whilst the package costs around 100£.

Lastly; Musicals.

The West End is a magnificent place. Seeing a musical is definitely worth it. But it is also very expensive.

If you are 2 people going, you should order tickets on the same day as the show. Go to the ticket booth where they sell last minute tickets. If you’re lucky you can get 80£ seats for 30£. Beware though, ONLY use ticket booths that has a certain symbol on it. Search up what symbol it is to avoid fake tickets. The theatres won’t give you any refunds for fake tickets.

Oh, last tip i promise. Plan one day where you have no plans. Walk around, see what London has to offer. You don’t have to have a timelimit and schedule for everything!

Redrobinjohn says:

Will this help me with my first 3 days in London?

SteveS Consultant says:

Things we learned the hard way — the site of the battle of Hastings is *not* in Hastings — it is in Battle. Battle itself is highly recommended – we had a great time doing a walking tour of the site of the battle and then had a nice lunch at the pub there.

Shelley Abbott says:

Thank you for calling out tripadvisor, I have stopped using it for restaurants.

Rajesh Khilari says:

I had made a wonderful Scottish friend who drove me from early morning till midnight to possibly every place in and around London that have tourist attraction and I was so overwhelmed by the sights that I do not remember now What is What !!!

Wade S says:

One thing we did on our first day was take a 3 hour afternoon London sightseeing tour bus. Didn’t have to plan or think about where to go AND the tour guides give lots of good tips on things like crowded times, riding the tube, taxi tips, shopping tips etc. did not stop more than a few minutes in some places, but we saw a lot in the bus, and more importantly got our bearings, and did not stress. Since we had just arrived at 7:00 that morning, it also let us rest a bit. Good ideas on when and where to go back and spend more time.

David Jayanathan says:

The fake restaurant getting to #1 on TripAdvisor is a fascinating story, https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/434gqw/i-made-my-shed-the-top-rated-restaurant-on-tripadvisor

Mohammad Saif says:


Red Squirrel says:

Helpful. Thank you.

Liberty says:

Love and London, is it true that london has really gone downhill in past 10 years?
Thats its not nearly as great as it used to be?

noeledmonds12 says:

Use a black cab for the greatest guide and the safest ride!

Harold Proctor says:

My first time in London was last month. Had a great time..but i do agree..dont overplan especially on your first day! I had a little jet lag so I didnt push myself…chilled in a cafe or pub when i started getting tired…but by the next day I was ready to go! Goggle Maps was a big help!

hauskalainen says:

cross off Madam Tussauds waxworks… it is grossly overrated and over priced.

Bethking149 says:

Islington is very good for food spots

blackmoor40k says:

My mistake was walking everywhere. Even though a lot of places seem close, walking a mile or two to each sight adds up. I should have preserved my feet and have the oyster card do all of the work.

Mysticofshadowyhearts says:

I want to visit London someday and visit some places where Harry Potter was shot. I would also like to do some research on my ancestors. Any ideas on doing those?

Jindujun says:

Are there any good food spots or bars at London Ealing? 🙂

Sheronda Lewis says:

I heard about the person who had a shack and manipulated the system to make the restaurant the Top restaurant of London! Thought it was a guy, but,saw the documentary about how one can manipulate via word of mouth, stars and reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and such to get away with it. And, he pulled it off! The menu was “feelings” where feeling sad or homey or something like that was a lasagna dish. And it was frozen lasagna he and his friends who acted like waiters popped in the microwave!
Anyway, yea..so, you are right about that. You can look at those sites and see who has the best ratings or, ask the front desk or the locals. They will always tell you exactly which place is definitely worth going to! And, I always check out my room when I am in a city/state, rest for an hr or two (depending on what time I land) and then, with my phone, walk around the area (I try to go immediately 3 to 4 blocks East or West) and get familiar with the area my hotel is located at.
Thanks so much for your tips and I can’t wait to visit!

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