Jumper: Zara
Jeans: Topshop ↠
Jacket: Mango ↠
Belt: Topshop ↠
Shoes: Office ↠
Changing Bag: BabyBeau ↠

Pushchair: Joolz Day2 in Parrot Blue ↠
(+ Joolz Car Seat ↠

Canon G7X ≫

SNAPCHAT ≫ @rhiannonashlee




KJ says:

I was wondering why you guys didn’t buy a car. Are you facing any need for a car with the baby? Or is it still mangeable without one?

Mazzo Fazzo says:

I wandered what had happened to your right arm and hand at 5:40.

Jessica Crawley says:

Delilah is the cutest!! Loving these vlog’s Rhiannon!! xx

Audrey Nguyen says:

Loving vlogtober so much already!

Salina Vera says:

your eyebrows make me feel complete

N G says:

So happy to see you and Estee together. You two are in my top three favorite youtubers

Carlijn says:

When you went in the bookshop it looked a little like Delilah was waving with her little hand like “Hi guys, i’m new party can start now!” hahahah

Jess Mcerlain says:

It’s lovely how hands on Doug is with Delilah 🙂

vintageismything says:

Can’t believe nobody offered you a seat!! so rude! x

msphie says:

you guys are adorable…so lovely! lots of love from Germany

Annie Bee says:

I can’t believe no one offered you a seat with the baby!!

Valerie Chaza says:

she’s now the age I can’t wait until she’s 4 months because she can start eating baby food also check out my new vid

Soffesoffa says:

Delilah is so cute with the crazy eyes <3

Emily Steele says:

Loving this Vlogtober! I love your family so much xxx

Taylor McKenzie says:

Oh god I hate that so much people can be so selfish. When I was heavily pregnant people still didn’t think to give up their seat on a moving bus! Delilah is sooo beautiful X

Didu Dianna says:

How come you always look so fancy ? Like you wear “simple” clothes without accesories (well minimal accesories) and look so bloody good and classic. Where does your fashion inspo comes from ? You look great!

Elizabeth Marmolejo says:

Aww she’s so
Cute and chubby! I can almost smell that special baby smell through the phone!

Trines Nails says:

she’s gotten so big <3 shes so cute!

Sara Hashmat says:

Doug looked 10/10 in that purple top

ICaughtTheSnitch26 says:

In Europe, is it normal to breastfeed in public? Because in the US there are all these weird people who think that breastfeeding is “gross” and will publicly shame you for feeding your baby. I can’t even believe that we live in a world like this, so I want to know if it’s like that where you live?

Valerie Chaza says:

I’m not saying she has to

E S says:

shes grown up so muchhhhh omg

maisie says:

I just found your channel today, and I’ve been binge watching all your vlogs! Delilah is the cutest! Also how old are you? Xx

Mercy Before We Fall says:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because???.. Does anyone know what the rest of her arm tattoo says?

Lucy Ghoul Bear says:

So cute! i love it! love vlogtober! and Delilah is getting so cute!

Valerie Chaza says:

I asked her not wanted her

Maja Johansson says:

Delilah is so adorable!!

Emily Watters says:

I think Delilah is the double of Doug!!

Clarissa Allford says:


Honest Motherhood says:

Love the mobile, what a fab find! Loving vlogtober xx

Jessicalaar says:

Loving these vlogs, Delilah is sooooo adorable xx

charlotte o'neill says:

I thought you had cosatto

HelloImElsa says:

I love that you beast freed in public! Yes Rhiannon!

Ella Potterton says:

Some people are so rude – they wouldn’t give a crying baby and her mother a seat?!?!?

Kat says:

im loving these! i’ll enjoy anything really.

Victoria Hussey says:

Does anyone know what song is playing in the background between 4:36 and 4:40? ☺️

Rue Roxanne says:

She’s really looks like her dad!

Teegs Rose says:

Can’t believe no one gave up their seat for you on the train!

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