Battlefield 1 Reveal – The Neebs London Trip!

Lets travel back in time to the distant month of May where the Neebs crew went off to London to see the Battlefield 1 reveal!!!

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JD Kim says:

I am currently stationed overseas, and I wish I had known of you guys before. Keep up the good work, dudes!

SoullessPotato says:

I was playing some Battlefield 4. I swear to fucking shit I heard Doraleous’s voice in the multiplayer. I shit you not, I heard it.

GAM1NGgeek 369 says:

come to New Zealand if you want good seafood done right, but seriously, please come to New Zealand

Lily Ferris says:

thanks I’m English and I don’t think we speak funny

blackopsmajorr5 says:

i live in nc so the part about nc was funny to me

Oliver Burkill says:

Great to see you guys enjoyed yourselves in London! Thick you obviously had the worst time of your life, don’t bother coming next time. Cheers.

Taylor Becknell says:

Haha great video and if yall even see this a good seafood restaurant is the Bridge Tender in Wrightsville Beach a must go great seafood

Benito Mussolini says:

there heat HA in texas this summer it had been a hundred degrees almost everyday

oliver pritchardjones says:

They need to see Stoke

ben wynn creations says:

hi all love you all and watch every day, but time for a history leson (i am dislexic give me a break) india was part of the brittish empier also indians have lived in britan longer then america has offichaly existed and curry was voted the nachonal dish sooooooo yer we shere curry

ManiacalPrism54 says:

“I can’t help I was raised stupid” lol

owen michell says:

isn’t that the Guy from Teo

Dan Clark says:

Curry originates in India yes but theirs are vegetable curries, the sauces and curries you get here actually came from Birmingham originally. English food tends to come from somewhere else then is changed to become an English dish

Jake Cordell says:

you should see it China’s food they have a lot of different kinds of food

GREGORBA16s Gaming says:

For the next commenting on comments are you going to make battlefield friends for bf1

Jake Long says:

Holy crap! That picture of you guys in the subway, the guy right behind thicks face is Luke( from Teo’s Rainbow Six Seige) he goes by floppyragdoll! That’s awesome!

Gary Reaney says:

London taxi drivers have to learn all the streets in london

Sloth God says:

london seafood is not good, you guys should have gone to somewhere on the beach

Duncan Shaw says:

“Indian” food in England is actually largely English/British, basically when Indian restaurants surfaced they realised we are stubborn in what we eat so specific meals were created that if you went to India nobody would know what the fuck it was so technically when we say try our Indian food it is largely English in origin

Jarred Everhart says:

just sayin we live by the coast and the seafood -edibility- is by cooks, not so much by distance from the sea. im talking 20 mins away.

Captain Redlemon says:

rubbish bin* XD

Nathan White says:

I’m live in the uk and I found a lot of the things you say offensive except neebs you were nice

Ansgar Brigantii says:

you dudes are piss funny, glad you liked our country…

SomeRandomBlondeGuy says:

I live in London
There is always a delay on the tube
And work thinks it’s MY fault

slowmotion EXPLOSIONS - Games And More says:

you guys are so lucky that you have the best community of English people because i don’t think anyone got offended by your Victorian ascents.

Dan Clark says:

The tower that has big ben is called Elizebeths tower and the building is the House of Parliament/Palace of Westminster/House of Commons

B3astdog says:

5:39 LOL Thick is in the UK and wearing a american flag shirt #’Murica

Paul Musgrove says:

Is this what American think of us Brittish?

ManThatYouFear says:

Bit late to the party, but i’d of so gone and met you guys :'(

Chucktimus Prime says:

The whole chicken and watermelon phrase is not racist. Chicken was the main food the slaves ate. That’s how we got fried chicken. And watermelon is from West Africa. White people just thought it would be funny to say that about our dark skinned brothers and sisters, not knowing the history. I know back in the slave days they did eat more than just chicken. But that’s why chicken and watermelon are associated with “black people”. Keep the videos coming. No offense Thick and Daraleous but Neebs, Simon and Appspro is so damn funny. Especially when you start arguing.

Dan Clark says:

Trash cans/Bins are rare because of bombs, the IRA, Islamic terrorists put bombs in bins, if you go into a shop they will have a bin. If you’re in Knightsbridge and go in Harrods, ask the security by the door, he stands in front of a bin in a cupboard kinda thing

wimsyzoomzoom says:

What lovely checked shirts, lads.

GAM1NGgeek 369 says:

lol, Thick’s EA SPORTS. Its in the game! jacket

ted tran says:

yup! there arent any trash cans!!

tommy says:

i wouldnt argue. UK seafood is trash IN COMPARISON. American seafood is awesome. Im British but admit fully that our food is sub par over all unless you pay a lot

Meaty Gamer says:

It warms my heart when you tell stories about when you help random people it makes me wana help people too and stop being such a bitter asshole

Darque Matt3r says:

I cringe so hard at london accents…

MrTagnan says:

I just moved back to the us. FOR FUCKS SAKE

Dougy N says:

you guys are welcome in London anytime

OGC CAPS says:

North Carolina has Calabash…we win

headshot nerfing says:

its called a lock

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