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Andrew Applepie // DARK KNIGHT


DinoKatrino says:

one my favorite vloggers so chill

Eva Gonzales says:

Poppy always looks moody.

Windy. UK says:

poppys hairstyle is so cute

Tom Fleming says:


Mina Sheiakh says:

Is poppy older than Alfie ?

Molly O'Brien says:

migraine i dont think so just a self seeking whiner

freex says:

yes sean! supreme and palace. You already know. It would be so sick if you came and lined up with us at one of the next drops, met asap ferg at the ss 16 palace drop too.

Try and get me 5,000 subs without any videos says:

Poppy’s first words : I need the toilet

Kate Wilson says:

Hey Sean I’m just starting to make my own YouTube channel and was wondering if you could help me and tell me where you find your music from ??

KatelynLeeCain says:

This vlog was so nice, love when Pop said “don’t be so rude” ahahaha!

Tilly Butt says:

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much because you have inspired me to start vlogging!!

charlie bear says:

Get poppy to start a YouTube channel

Leah Louise says:

just loving your vlogs at the moment sean .nice one!

Jordan Forrester says:

Seriously poppy is my spirit animal!

Ellice Cook says:

What is Poppy’s job?

Coral Heatley says:

I am I the only one who never sees Poppy happy in any vlogs??????

Leena Panchal says:

Omg Poppy looks so much like her dad!

Fretty Anggeni says:

Sean, may I know what camera are you using?

Lauren Holmes says:

Aww that sucks, I get migraines too they are horrible! I love your videos!

SkittlesSarahxx says:

What is it with Alfie and Sean wearing a white t-shirt practically everyday lol?

Anna says:

‘you alright there Love?’ SO CUTE

Leah Louise says:

you walked under scafolding sean !

Denis Bugar says:

what do you use for your hair? 0:15 ?

Lost At Sea Jewellery says:

poppy looks fab without make up! love your vlogs!

sylvie webb says:

what video editer do you use for your video

Beth Richards says:

please stop trying to pull of preme and palace if you don’t skate, it looks so stupid and you’re just taking away the garms which skaters would benefit much more from… it is skate wear!!!

Jacob Richardson says:

Ive only seen u on Alfie’s vlogs and I decided to pay This channel a visit and I love it like if u agree

isabelle moss says:

he is the best

Callilla Issangya says:

Poppy doesnt HAVE to make a channel… as long as she’s in every single vlog from you Zoe and Alfie haha

sabriele says:

That guy behind Sean at 2:20 tho

amyskinskin says:

poppy is so pretty without makeup oh myyyy xox

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