First trip to London England Is London chill?

First trip to London England Is London chill?
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By Jermaine Ellis
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Committee MeMeD says:

Were not part of Europe.

IlyYama says:

1:22 Woman watching you hard in the background

Maxin Bal says:

Landed in country of organised tax pain for their won citizen

Kristiaan Yeo says:

Man I love that you went STRAIGHT to the back of the bus xD

Landwelder says:

Hope you had a good time here 🙂

Blind Wolf says:

Be careful sitting at the back of the top deck, you might inadvertently become embroiled in a postcode war and get stabbed if you’re in certain parts of London.

Mike Oxlong says:

It’s not Bucking-HAM Palace…
It’s pronounced Bucking-EM Palace!

miraxell says:

This is not europe this is uk. Most english would agree.

EdanEpic says:

Haha everyone stared at him. He had a camera and looked sort of like he was talking to himself which is odd in the United Kingdom

Declan Swallow says:

for great vegan fast food you should check out the temple of seitan in Hackney it’s a fried chicken resturant

Nomi says:

I love your confidence and how you’re openly talking and not giving any care of people around you. I wish I was that confident. I’d be too scared to walk around holding a camera lol

Leode Siefast says:

The world’s first underground right there!

Newpunk says:

subbed cus ya vegan

Dream Diction says:

You talk like an idiot and your look like an idiot.

holo says:

oysters are like £5 bro and then you just keep topping up – lot better option

hughesms says:

I’ve lived in London for years now but its always refreshing to see what outside people make of their first time here. Great video man!

Digioia lifesLovers says:

Lol I love ur commentary

Tea and Biscuits says:

Can tell from many years living there that England is wonderful but London is a horror film of congestion, pollution, poor weather, overpriced food, swollen crowds, 1 – 2 hour wedged commutes, high crime and microscopic apartments.

Paul Keating says:

I recently did Rome alone (from London), absolutely loved it. Exploring the world on your own is the best! As is air b&b.

Dave H says:

Hey Jermaine! Great video !If you wanna save some money when you go back to Gatwick Airport when you leave, try the Easy bus express which runs small minibuses from various points in Central London to Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport and Stansted Airport . You book online , the earlier you book ,the bigger discount on tickets. Prices start from £0.99 one way . Great service. I use it when I travel and have to get to the airport. Just like a cab but much cheaper!! Keep up the good travel logs1! Peace ….

RenegadeRaida says:


JARVHD says:

How are mozzarella sticks vegan they have cheese in it!

Denis Costigan says:

Struggling to work out why this channel isn’t called Vegan Vacation Vlogs

sykophunk says:

Not sure about London being “chill” but if he was here in March, it would have been “chilly”.

unhban says:

Really well done! Enjoyed your thoughts and style a lot!

sukiesoya says:

Uk isn’t a happy country

Matthew Leonard says:

I like you, you just got a new subscriber

Blaise Shakur says:

I didn’t know train & bus passes still exist?

Hutty says:

0:27 lol

eh? says:

You look like u move white and b in ends blud

Liz DeStefano says:

I love your video, you seem like a cool guy, i would love to find pll to hange and travel to the London! I am dying to travel to London I’ve always wanted to travel to London ever since I was little I want to so badly! I’ll been travelling there at the end of this year! Super excited! Did you go on your own? And what was that like? Do you know if there’s a way to go with a group of people I’m from the US I live in South Carolina! I have so many questions! Would it bee ok if i could give u my email adress would you answer me back?

A1 says:

Should come to see the real london, not the one they sugar coat for the tourists.

BroK3N Bob says:

london is overrated!!!!

Theresa May says:

The Gatwick express is an absolute tourist trap.

Roman One says:

Dope video dude, you should do more travel videos, learned a lot thanks g.

Jb Jaguar says:

Pretty much all toilets in Europe are free, except big public ones, which are only ever used by tourists and drug dealers. Do like the natives do and just go into any cafe/bar/large shop/public building and use their toilets! I don’t think I ever paid to use a toilet when I lived in London.

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