Free Fun In London – what to do and where to go

We put together this video to show you what can be seen in London for FREE. And there certainly is a lot!
Museums, markets, performances and historic locations. We’ve visited each spot many times and can testify they are worth seeing. We hope you enjoy the video and find it useful in planning your visit.

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Mary J says:

Very useful and well explained, thank you!!!

Suzi Manthorpe says:

brilliant thank you…loved the train info too.

Ak M Kingdom says:

Nice work, I’ve shared your video on my website

Nur Azlin says:

i like london

Ajmal shah says:

nice travelling in london


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Raychelleee says:

Do you live in London?

Michael Whitehorn says:

They said that St Pauls is across the river from the Houses of Parliament??? Didn’t know that personally…

Tom Wright says:

The best free thing to do in london is breathe in the stench of buses and takeaways and then realise that living in a rural area isn’t such a bad thing. Thanks for the video 🙂

Skull fu says:

i am going tomorrow 😉

Julian Heald says:

It’s the UK, the weather is always a deterrent (j/k). November may be cold, but these spots are worth visiting any time of year.

I Conigli Affamati says:

what is the otherone

Clarice Vieira Linck says:

Hello! Thank you for this video. I shared it on my blog and I am asking your permition now. My students will do a work about London this month. Congratulations!

Old Man says:

To walk along the south bank (highly recommended) don’t go to Waterloo. Start at Westminster – using the tube to get there. The sight of Big Ben (yes I know it’s really the bell) suddenly appearing as you leave the station is awe inspiring. You can then walk across Westminster bridge for great views of the river and the London Eye. Once over the bridge and turning left onto the south bank your walk starts, but stop for a while before you get to the Eye and look back at Big Ben. If the sun is out it’s a brilliant view. From then on you can walk all the way to Tower Bridge. Lots to see and lots of places to eat. For some reason, the walk from Westminster to Tower Bridge is more interesting than the other way, but that’s still good. Travel agents say it one of the greatest walks in the world.

mario cucustro says:

ciao zac


So lets see these 35 migrants  who speak no English travelled thousands of miles in a container, they said they were banging frantically on the container for help, so why  did no one here them on the Road at the Belgium port, driver never heard? Only when they reached Britain were they discovered very strange, did the Belgium’s turn a blind eye because they did not want the burden of all the hassle & re housing involved.
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I Conigli Affamati says:

ciao a tutti

viral videos Collection says:


philip013 says:

The museums are great. We stole a lot of shit back in the day.

I Conigli Affamati says:

bravo hai segnato tutti

mario cucustro says:

vuoi sapere troppo cm io saluto zac

SHAKIBUL haque says:

my dream to come london for visit

Pauline Manning says:

thank you

I Conigli Affamati says:


adiocolast the great says:

someone plezz list her place

taylor swift is better says:

PAY TAXES AND DIE= meaning life

skifan32 says:

Holborn is on the Piccadilly and Central lines, not the Circle line.

Alice Monstrinho says:

That was super helpful, thank you for the video 🙂

James Co London says:

Terrific gem of a video. Funny I actually made to most of these stops, but missed a few. Your vid will help with that! Thx!

DrQupax says:

There are a lot of things to do for free in London yes, but the allure of beer is too much to handle.  Thats when a “free” day for me turns into an expensive one 🙁

Link School of English in London says:

Useful info, thank you!

BennyBeauty says:

Thank you

Finlay Brewer - Brook Green says:

Excellent tips! Tourists and locals alike will find these fun and FREE ideas extremely useful.

Karthick N says:

Nice country

Leonard Twum says:

This is why I love London

brianbirc says:

Best and free thing to do if you must live in london is suicide.

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