VLOG 0168 27.11.18

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swanlion says:

I’m so happy your are doing vlogmas! Yayyy says:

vegan collab with Sortedfood? would b so cute!

Sydney B Turner says:

My father is actually color blind with the same problems as Alex, I believe it’s called deuteranomaly (reds, greens, browns get mixed up or confused as well as like purples). Also can’t wait to see your new house tour! Keep being awesome~

Dounia Lazreq says:

I really loved the scarf look Maddie

alfinou_13 targaryen says:

great vlog you guys!! I can’t believe you’re doing so many things this month, this is insane!!! I’m loving these vlogs anyway! Alex: was the small aircraft a “mudry cap 10”? (this is usually used for learners but you can flip with it). Can’t wait to see the house and all the renovations you intend to do in it! Byebye Brighton and good luck to you both!!!!

Alex Iliadis says:

Have fun Alex!!!

tearosekennedy says:

My international school in Hong Kong made us go through a simulated aircraft crash. About 12 of us of different ages from 9 to perhaps 14, were taken to an area of the school that we’d never seen before. It was a massive hanger and in it was the body of a plane without wings. On board, there were hostesses dressed in flight uniforms and they acted out the safety measures and as told, we all buckled up in our seats.

Suddenly the craft began to violently move and shake. Noises started, including the sound of babies crying and adults screaming. Then the visuals began. It appeared through the windows as if a fire had started on both sides of the plane. Smoke filled the cabin along with huge dancing flames that licked the ceiling, now inside. Most of the kids were crying by now and I was sat there by myself at the back in disbelief that they were doing this to us. I kept trying to shout, “It’s not real!”. Eventually, we had to put on lifejackets, blow the whistle and remove our shoes to exit via the escape slide and then it was back to our classrooms.

Although I wasn’t affected immediately, at around 18 years old I began to feel incredibly scared of flying even though it had been a regular part of my childhood and comparable to a car journey in terms of fear levels. I was latently traumatised. To this day, I am afraid of flying and will avoid it whenever I can. I’ve missed out on promotions, holidays and other opportunities due to this phobia. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else had a similar experience.

JessicaBiilor says:

I used to live in London and as soon as I saw those steps I was like “ugh those damn steps at Covent Garden” lol. Really excited for Vlogmas with you! Good luck with the move <3

Natalie Duden says:

Oh my goodness it sounds like Alex flew a fighter jet! So cool! I am an aspiring pilot (for general aviation) and would absolutely love to fly in a fighter jet.

JulieM 1961 says:

I’m picturing little Alex now…bless! Xx

Girlonfire 2.0 says:

My favorite muse so n g an video is Knights of Cydonia..the video is just so good its everything it should be extra cheesy goodness

Laura Castillejos says:

I can’t wait to see which house you picked!
The sushi looked delicious!

Linda Tait says:

Hope it goes well! Fingers and toes crossed for you xxxx

Laura R says:

Alex, tell us later how the Muse concert was! I really want to go to a concert next year, but I’m not sure I can make it happen. Also, the colourblindness is a familiar thing for me, but with different colours. I get blues and greens mixed up and oranges with pinks among other difficulties.

nov3mbersoulsearchx says:

I’m not getting notifications anymore from your video! Had to resubscribe

claudia. says:

just yesterday I had a dispute with a friend over snorlax. I am convinced he’s green and she was convinced he’s blue and now I am doubting myself lmao

Bianka Zobolyák says:

I can’t wait to see your new house, and you two setteling down and organise everything!! <3

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

Hii Alex the Maddie I know you two are so excited. it is exciting when you buy your first home but it could also be bittersweet leaving your first apartment together.We are
excited for you.we can’t wait to see what house you picked.

I do Plants says:

The future is Vegan… Love it!

Jenny Cox says:

You can get colour blindness correction glasses at Amazon

sutehksplaything says:

Knowing that Alex is color blind does explain some things

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