London to Paris by Eurostar e320

A guide to the Eurostar journey from London to Paris, on Eurostar’s new e320 train.
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Mokibul Hussain says:

Waw Taxi is super cool Mercedes . I really loved it…. It’s awsme .. hit like if you agree …

Rachel S says:

How long do you stay in the dark tunnel for? I’m going in May ☺️☺️

Hunda mania Mania says:

Duuh,we Africa don’t even dream that shit,only our leaders know how to take money and bring Switzerland for hiding and by mansion.fuck them

Beagle76 says:

Australia is the same as the US. People were seriously talking about this 30 years ago.We have the 2nd busiest Air Corridor in the world between Melbourne & Sydney. More than 50 percent of the population of the whole country. Our rail system 3rd world . Tax Cuts seem to take priority over such projects which in the last few years have now been called a complete waste of money.

Eric Oduro says:

London is a real shithole.. Who really care about trains ! Jump in your nice car and zoom off, that is the American style.. Wonder who in their normal state of mind will compare London or the rest of Europe to America.. Always comparing everything thing to America because ya believe it is the real deal right !!

fantablum says:

its going to be called elizabeth 2nd who would have thought of that.

pradeep senaratne says:

Its a great video. London to Paris train journey is amazing and very interesting. the train is very clean and with all facilities. In Paris, the gare du nord station is very filthy and plenty of rouges and pick-pockets which is a very sad situation. the buildings are of historical value and brings back to memory the history of paris. the city is lovely and amazing but the people are not much so friendly and the driving is the same as india and sri lanka. things are very very costly starting from the cup of tea.

Mohamed Errãad says:


Pappu Rao says:

Where’s all the filth … shit…smell…and stink ? Everything looks so clean to me. I’m sure Indians won’t like this at all. We are used to filth and dirt you know !

GTFO ! says:

Londonistan to paristan ,both will blow up soon avoid these countries for travelling

Felipe Gonzalez says:

if I am looking to get from france to london, lets say, is this cheap? like affordable? thanks

yakikadafi says:

I’ve taken a train from Berlin to Salzburg and it was amazing how relaxed, smooth and orderly it was! I also took a train once from San Fransisco to Seattle. It was embarassing!

Trains TrainsTrains says:

I love these trains here is a sad video of an old Abandoned Eurostar left to rot.


I want to migrate in London can someone help me

Raghav Upadhyay says:

Love from india

SPK A says:

Send Indian UP Bhaiyyas and Biharis to these countries, and just see how terrible they will make it, make a hell of it, overcrowding is their phenomenon and u can see them sitting top of trains dancing. U can see them building shanties around the railway tracks peeing and looing around tracks with their dicks out. Shameless dirty creatures on face of this earth. Their fucking illiterate women with dozen of children’s. Unfortunately most Indian politicians come out of these states and that is why so much corruption in this country.

SupercarSpeeders says:

Did this journey on the Eurostar from London to Paris last week, Have to say it was very relaxing and a pleasant journey.

Hermann Fegelein says:

Anyone thinking that we can see the sea underwater from the tunnel?

rio quibu says:

It looks like the Brightline Train in Miami Florida. Soon Miami to Orlando line.

Aero Aviation says:

A320 train version

David Clapperton says:

Far superior to uk trains in terms of speed, smoothness of movement and seat comfort.

Tante Lilis says:


dream live says:


Neha Nishant Arora says:

Awesome! Way more better than Amtrak!

alex browm says:

Aquí en colombia ni en sueños podemos tener una terminal de metro asi

fantablum says:

wait trill the bastards go on strike that will sort ya out.

ada maka says:

rapuncelebis ki ara.adamianis uplebebi daicavit.tkuil warmodgenebs dgavt.

Victoria Allum says:

Thank you for a great video ,always wanted to know what the train and journey will be like.

BA LE BA says:

Nhin doan tau cua nuoc ngoai tuyen metro va dau keo metro cua vn phai 30 nam nua duoc nhu vay.

Pappu Rao says:

Trains like these won’t survive a day longer in India. Indians are allergic to cleanliness and comfort.

Pradyut Saha says:

Amazing video

郭德茂 says:

英國倫敦市到法國巴黎市,,乘坐火車很方便啊! 希望有一天,我可以乘坐一次机會,感謝上主的引領有夢最美!。日期 2018-12-10日,台北市。郭德茂先生留言。

Connor RK800 says:

Do they turn the over heads lights off?

Gururaj BN says:

Beautiful video. Must agree with negative comments on Gare du Nord. Been there about eight months back. Crowded, confusing, full of African migrants. Doesn’t look part of beautiful Paris.

Railway Zone says:


Akram Ali says:

so Beautiful video my friend pallz my phone number Whatsapp 00971553610626

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