London top 10 tourist places
Planing to visit London ?
this is the most visited city in the world, and it is packed with more landmarks and
attractions than any other cities: The big ben, Tower of London, London Eye, Hyde Park,
Madam Tussadue, Tate modern, Westminister and Buckingham palace are only small part of the must see places in the city.
So watch our London Video, and visit our website for more videos and more tips.


chan yc says:


Dr.T.L.Xavier says:

Great… Thank You so much for Uploading. Informative.
Please Watch, Share , Like , Comment and Please Subscribe my Channel. Thank You. Thank You.

0 tour says:

lovely place

v arun prasath says:

One time visit my family in my life

The33scobes says:

I’m going on Wednesday

Rahul Singh says:

my favourite city…in the world…london

Eylül Yıldırım says:

Why not feeding the pigeons? 

lois miller says:

5 more months and I will be there. I can’t wait.

sunnybification says:

Incredible video!! Some advice – use a gimbal stabilizer for a smoother video…

KEEVVY says:

I also visited most of the places last week the only thing I hated was the weather, the clouds in London have duble speed than the ones in my country 🙂

Antoine B says:

I love Bastien Touya

Slow Jazz says:

London The ugliest city i ever been!!

Arsalan Ahmed says:

I want to see London from Toronto. I guess uk is more crowded then Canada.

jacksepticeye Saleem says:


Zed1967 says:

Denmark Street.
I play guitar so I had to mention this. 😀

Ilma Soares Vieira says:

London is really beautiful! Well, one day, who knows i will get there. It is not easy to save up money here in Brazil. Thank you!

Abdul Razak Sultan Ghani says:

Wwwoooww my favorite city..

Tourist Place says:


Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa says:

London, Britain etc is overrated in my opinion the only good things to see is probably Buckingham Palace,the museums like Natural History Museum,British Museum,  Science Museum ,Trafalgar Square,Big Ben,St Paul’s Cathedral,Hyde Park, Stonehenge, Lochness, Royal Opera House,London Zoo,Westminster Abbey,Royal Albert Hall, Devon,Tower Bridge, Theme Parks like Adventure Island, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington everything is not worth it 

Divya Rani says:

my favorite city in the world

Happy Josan says:

My dream see London city

Carlton_ says:

london is so shit

Poupidou ! says:

Michel de l’hospital


i wanna go in my future

Seema Rajpoot says:

nice city london

Raquel mira says:

London and portugal are my favourite places in the world

Mautu Farani Ioapo says:

mautu ioapo confrom new london top tourist places thonk you youtube videos in my loaptop compter goodday by mautu ioapo 16.5.2014 thonk you mautu ioapo  

Lucie H says:

The London Dungeons is one of the biggest attractions in London. This needs to be featured.

Bipin Dattani Photography says:

London is a photographers dream city

Sophie Francis says:

I am British

Antoine B says:

I love kill

76 juno says:

The most interesting city in the world.

margaret chappell says:

why leave out the old Scotland yard, I worked there and it was a place for many tourists to say they had visited, as read in detective books about it.

Ajmal shah says:

nice scenic city

Zeta Convex says:

Tate Modern deserves it’s own individual mention. It’s free, too.

Sophie Francis says:

I a.

Let's Do Better Now says:

i would definitely add the London Design Museum. We recently visited it and made a review. It was a really enjoyable time 🙂

Elephant Removals says:


Angie Reno says:

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ASMR sugarprincess says:

I went all these places in 2016 and I’m going to them again in 6 days because I just can’t get enough of them and because I’m travelling to London and need to go somewhere fun as well as interesting

Search Marketing Company says:

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Amazing video..beautiful city and full of interesting history. I love london.

Brooklyn says:

I went londen ita,a,zing nx

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