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Jordan, Joe, & Spencer travel across the world to London on an incredible adventure! Come join us to see the exciting places we go, and if Jordan can handle a trip with the kids!

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Katrina Li says:

Please come to Manchester, guys! You’ll love it up here! You’d totally love Affleck’s. It’s completely unique to Manchester; there’s nowhere like it in the world.

Slap a Fish says:

as someone from London it’s self I can to anyone who found this video offensive. lighten up London is one of the tourist captails of the world. if you don’t like tourists better move to Norfolk.

Lanky Smurph says:

Big Ben is the bell inside not the clock.

Steven Cassidy says:

Watching this video of sheer idiocy sends my IQ soaring

Klutzy Mutt says:

Dag nabbit!!!!! That was a Great Blue Heron, not a raptor!!!! Raptors are birds of prey like hawks, falcons, eagles and stuff!
Great Blues are all over the USA, too!

Harri says:



yes that guy can control the squirles but is he The King of the Squirles

Rylie Blackwood says:

Something inside me died when he said the phone booth was a Doctor Who Box.

Hailey Johnson says:

Chicken Joe wants his own chicken family one day

Abigail Gasataya says:

why did Spencer leave?

Jammez says:

Joe doesn’t know much about Pop Culture

ZANE hippo says:

2:28 “watch out!! “

dragon SIRENS says:

the green headed duck is a male mallard lol

Buggzx says:

I’ve fed chipmunks in Colorado so it’s not that big of a stretch.

adam melvin the game pro kgy says:

that big Ben thing is wrong and big Ben is the clock

Callum C says:

You’re not allowed to sort of hold onto the fence, or they’ll point their SA80 at you, it was in another youtube video xD

Doctor Infallible says:

Sometimes I want to go to London, then I remember how narcissistic everyone in London is.

404pageunfound says:

The Busbies are real jordan 😛

ZackAshM says:

8:50 The squirrel is like “Mister, I got one question for you. What are thoooossseeee?”

Leejk says:

Usually I’ve never seen the places in your videos because I’m from England so it’s weird watching this video and seeing you guys in the exact same places I’ve stood.

Grinder says:

“Based off of Pocahontas”. Yeah, nature copied the idea of that tree off a Disney movie.

GFC says:

Its not big Ben, its the Elizabeth tower, big Ben is the bell.

harrisshelton1 says:

the ones with crests on their heads weren’t actually ducks, they are moorhens. the more you know, right?

Cradman says:

Funfact the name of “the big ben” is really “Elizabeth tower”. Big Ben is the biggest bell’s nickname.

Paul Tandy says:

Technically you didn’t see Big Ben.

Klutzy Mutt says:

Btw… The Queen has 16 corgis… Just saying

Melkor says:

I remember when the local copper shoved his baton up me arse. Turned out he wasn’t a real policeman. Also it wasn’t a baton he shoved up there.

Mr Diamond says:

gooooooooood royal guard

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