Minecraft : Little Kelly Adventures :TRIP TO LONDON!

Minecraft : Little Kelly Adventures : TRIP TO LONDON! W/Little Carly

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IcysisBrown Brown says:

Yes they echoed

Kaelyn Koffer says:

Did anyone else hear them echo?

How2draw Manga says:

Cool video

Joelletheprincess Princess says:

That echo was so annoying

IcysisBrown Brown says:

It’s ayyoning Ugh ahh ughhhhh a ughh

Zina Farra says:

Click the numbers


Mangocat30 MSP says:

This is retarded but entertaining

Sahsha says:

You need to fix the microphone

Zoey Roberds says:

Yeah what is that about?

Nadhira Agni says:

i heared a echo too

Huda Al Mashadaniنىةههنمكطد says:


michelle gibson says:

Stop the eco

Little Kim says:

4:27 There Just An Echo In Their Voice its Annoying So Much Or Is It Just Me And my Phone?


Omg I watched on 2017

Kookie With Mochi says:

Their voices are weird

Sachin Deo says:

I would love it for you to do get a job at a pool hall

Ali Rizwan says:

oh no someone has kidnapped the 101 damaintions and it is up to Little Kelly and Little Carly to save them

Ms Dork says:

Can I please join this world and live a life

france alxxandra piong plays says:

love you little kelly

Faith Asmr says:

What was that that IS A ECHO

OliviaSparkle 789 says:

OMG I am so late but if you see this LK i love you

Echo dixon says:

My name is Echo

Shalyn Malsol says:

Little kelly was something wronh case the echo a littel anoing

Zahra cantik msp and gamer says:


Francois Anne Melody Erojo Linao says:

The echo is annoying and strange

Rosie Sigue says:

Why is ther voice in echo

Julissa Tjon Ajong says:

Is tis real

Stripedzebra21 says:

Why is it ecoing at 4:35?

Maria Davalos says:


Isabella Kelly says:

hi little Kelly isabella is my username like
I am niamh my favourite colour is pink and you are my favourite youter

Stacy Quint says:

The echo was annoying

erlin bittie says:

Who watched at 2016/2017?

celien plays says:

Oh my the echo

Jupiter Crush says:

Kelly: Dad we’re going to London Bye!
-walks out-
How many of us can do that?

M Sarinna says:

What type of minecraft did little Kelly play what type of city is that


There’s a echo

Haillee's Titoks says:

i thought i wad crazy then ahahahahahq

Lizbeth Fogleman says:

It was very annoying

Francois Anne Melody Erojo Linao says:

Who is till watching this in 2017

Jack is back says:

Join my city server, the ip is This is the best city server!

Lidie Vanzyl says:


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