MY AMAZING LONDON TRIP!! Shoreditch, MCM London Comic Con, Chinatown, The Tube | London Travel Vlog

I had an AMAZING trip to London! I stayed in Shoreditch, saw the sites of the city with Yaron (Shavinism!), hit up the comic con, had yummy bubble tea in Chinatown with Rossana, and so much more!!!

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Kung-E Muller says:

Wow! This is really amazing. You’re so lucky, and you always get to go to these amazing places.

Crystal Angeles says:

As always, such a great eye, great job! Amazing footage and fun fun fun! I don’t watch these types of videos but I enjoyed watching yours from beginning to end.

Hanna Domjan says:

nice job,LIKE 🙂 Wish you happy day 🙂 love Hanna & Mia

Entertainer's Warehouse says:

Vickie Eisenstein How long did it take you to edit this video ?

Nancy Eisenstein says:

Your blog was very entertaining! You are a born traveler and storyteller!

Arizona Ghostriders says:

Terrific tour of London!

Animain13 says:

It was lovely to see you again. It’s a shame you were he’s for such a short period, next time you come back let me know ahah. Even though I might see you in America next year again ❤️❤️

F1 Games Playstation says:

Ah good old London town 🙂 Yeah and everyone has those showers in England, in fact, that is a posh one usually it is just 3 settings cold, lukewarm (For our one week of summer) and ouch i think my skin is melting 🙂 yeah sorry about the food that is the one thing that lets us down but having been to the US i can say the Mcdonalds tastes just the same 🙂 Great video Vickie i so wanna go but been like 150 times so it’s like “whatever” been a good 10 years though and in that time i see that landscape has changed in places 🙂

KingRaider74 says:

Such an awesome video Vicki London seems so hip! PS I don’t think that toilet was European or anything it was probably just broken.

Alejandro Reyes says:

I’ve been mad busy but I finished your Britain videos. I can’t tell I how much I loved reminiscing over your trip in comparison to mine in 2005. I really want to go back and do some fun things I didn’t get a chance to do. Thanks again Vickie!

Neha Sareen says:

Had so much fun watching it 😀

MoltoRubato88 says:

Remember that you were in…

Wait, I was going to say “Europe,” but you know: Brexit. :/

John Cowley says:

You seem to be such a lovely person 🙂

Legion of Weirdos says:

“We’re going to outlaw electrical outlets in the bathroom, except for the special ones for men’s electric razors. Oh, but electric showers, please!” – The British

A lot of older properties in the UK don’t have good enough water boilers to provide for a warm shower, so the electric shower is an afterthought. The Brits were one of the last of the civilized countries to take to the idea of showers vs. baths. I thought it was one of the weirdest things while I was there.

I think I’m adding this to my video ideas list.

Looks like a fun trip!

8:22 – ACK! VERTICAL! – Oh wait… yeah, forgot you’re a millennial… Snapchat.

HarshGupta says:

I always wanted to visit the UK ! Such a beautiful country ! Hope you had fun 🙂

TheSwiftHD says:

Good Vlog!

Herfortz says:

Great video.

The SharifiLife says:

i highly respect that you can travel alone. looks like fun!

Kenny Davenport says:

Brilliant video Vickie, simply Brilliant and some day I will follow in your awesome footsteps.

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