My Trip to London/ Summer in the City

So here’s an exhaustive recap (also a very delayed one!) of my trip to London!

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La Cat – SELA

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That Red Truck says:

Your accent and english is perfect even if you are portughese

MrLiberali says:

London in summer is full of rich Arab

Lee Hannah says:

Wowww Now i love you even more, Sunbeamjess’s one my fav utube channels apart from urs!

Ethan Coalition says:

normal accents* normal ways of driving*

Misha Parker says:

Nice vedo! Where did you guys stay? And was it expensive?

Kylie Taite says:

“sexy accents and weird ways of driving” lol

أيوب الغيداني says:

are you have fans in Saudi arabia

August Timsane says:

Thanks for this VDO cutie 😀
I’m looking for this type of vdo now I’ve found it!

Lenika says:

great Video! can I ask which programme do you use for cut the video? 🙂

Perry O'Bree says:

I am going in 2016 cannot wait! 😀 Who else is going? 🙂

Johanna Belle says:

Hey! I love you’re vlogs and I’m glad you had an amazing time in England!! I’m a fellow TravelVlogger and would love it if you could have a look at my channel!! Thank you! Xxx

C Paredes01 says:

Hola quería saber si da tiempo a ver dos museos en una mañana?

martelantoine says:

loved the video! i’ve never been to london but i really want to go there.
i just came back from a trip to paris and i made a little movie about it. 
check it out on my channel and let me know what you think. 
keep creating! ill be following you.

Erik M says:

ive been living in London my whole life now and you’ve done more things than me, i just stay in my house alot XD

Maria Santos says:

Olá, só hoje é que comecei a ver os teus vídeos mas já estou a adorar! Qual é o editor que usas? Beijinhos

Sbrna Zaidi says:

How do you add vector in your video and make it move, do you use after effect

Phanicone Pilots says:

I chocked on my food when I saw dan and phil fhjhdtuhfdf

Felicia says:

Such a great video! I really enjoyed it 🙂

Romario Gomez says:

You have a sexy accent

Maria Santos says:

Olá, só hoje é que comecei a ver os teus vídeos mas já estou a adorar! Qual é o editor que usas? Beijinhos

Maria Santos says:

Olá, só hoje é que comecei a ver os teus vídeos mas já estou a adorar! Qual é o editor que usas? Beijinhos

Karolina says:

great video, can’t wait my trip to london in june sooo excited !!!!!!!!tho i still have to wait 3 months THE STURGGLE IS REAL

Bullitwo says:

Ana what’s the song at 3:36??

alvin 333 says:

wich hotel in london ???

Martin Doyl says:

Just been to London myself to finish 2015 – Great Vlog! I saw the queue for Platform 9 1/3 and decided to skip it too! I’ve just started vlogging myself and enjoyed doing so around London. Keep up the good work Ana!

ClipoHQ says:

Amazing video very talented editor and I’m sure you will do very well !

stargirlwonders says:

THIS IS THE ADVENTURE I WANT! I have wanted to go to England sense I was 5 years old! I hope my wish comes true!

Blake Breton says:

Great video! What font is that!?

Daniel says:

Amazing video by the way! 🙂

Solivagant says:

Love your videos and how you make them. The editing is great. keep on making more 😀

Venado En La Cocina says:

Cool your way to editing

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

Great editing!!! World class… Become more than youtuber, become filmmaker

Pritish Bhawal says:

I also want to go…G…you r so lucky!!! :-):-)….btw… Your videos comes in my dreams… Loved it:-):-):^)

theomstr says:

i’m even more excited to go to London in 2 weeks now ahah!! I loved this!

Daniel says:

Which camera did u used?

McKenzie Steuber says:

I love all your graphics and your voiceover. Very cool!! Would love for you to check out my channel as well! Thanks! Hope to talk to you soon.

Dinan Ahmad says:

Where u guys sleep?

Zulficar hamid says:

Where is she from ???

Daniela Valcharova says:

Very nicely done! 🙂

Sara says:

Comecei ontem a ver os teus videos e porra, tens uma fã 😉
Gosto imenso da forma como fazes os videos! PARABÉNS!
And… Porto?

Jaco Jooste says:

How to buy a ticket for the tube at heathrow

S. Mariya says: saw Carrie. I didn’t know you watched her videos!

Ivone Moura says:

Ficaste em que hotel/hostel? Estou a planejar uma viagem em Londres mas não sei bem onde ficar… Adoro os teus vídeos, super bem editados e criativos 🙂

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