our trip to LONDON, ENGLAND 2017!

this week as i finished putting together this little video from our time in england, my heart just felt so heavy and i wasn’t sure if i should even go through with sharing the video on here at all. it’s footage of our favorite and happiest moments as a family experiencing and enjoying a city that is going through a lot of hurt and heartbreak right now. what has happened there recently is just devastating. i can’t imagine what they are going through. we are sending all our love and prayers to the families of those who have lost their loved ones in england and also to the people around the whole who are experiencing heartbreak and suffering for so many different reasons.

some people might be quick to offer critiques to my choice of posting a video from our family’s trip to london and say it’s bad timing or insensitive to those mourning or tone deaf to current events taking place all over the world, and while everyone has a right to their opinion, i feel that one of the best ways i can pay tribute to london, is to celebrate what an incredible city it truly is and to honor that beautiful place by focusing on all that beauty and good that london and its londoners offered us and continue to offer every day. we can’t let this hate and ugly and bad in the world win. and while i don’t have all (or any, frankly) of the answers when it comes to how to best fight it and carry on and make things right in the world, i do think there is power in focusing on love, the good things and people of the world and in not shying away from sharing just that.

thank you to the amazing city and people of london for making our time there feel so special. it’s a brilliant city, and we celebrate it.


Faye Byrne says:

Just lovely. Thank you for posting this, a beautiful family enjoying life in a beautiful city ❤️


England is a great city

Hayley Shields says:

This warms my heart so much ❤️

Brooke says:

Loved the video! You are portraying London as it truly is, a beautiful city with history, vibrancy, and so much to explore. Thank you for putting joy and positivity out into a world that definitely needs it!

Shelley Kendall says:

i love this so much, thank you for sharing! the whole time i was watching i kept thinking about looking back on my own home videos- your kids are going to be so thankful that you’ve documented all these memories someday! thanks for sharing your joy despite the darkness in the world <3

hellloitsmandy says:

Beautiful video❤

sammi says:

Hello! I am from London and posting your video was a positive idea. You have captured the fun and good vibes of our city and I would like to thank you for sharing this… the worst thing we should all fear is fear, when things are out of our control we must stand together and be fearless whatever country we are from. ONELOVE ♡

Victoria Pease says:


Lindy Maxey says:

Your message in the description was beautiful as was this video.

gadis dis says:

This video is LOOOVEEEE ❤️❤️❤️

felym5 says:

taza this is such a sweet video. conrad is so adorable!! was he going through a knight phase?

Melanie Silva says:

beautiful message naomi!

Sabrina Aleman says:

this is great! awesome editing pretty epic cinematography

Stephanie Nelson says:

I love how Conrad’s stick transformed from an instrument into a weapon just like *that*!!! His mind was moving so fast 🙂

hano verian says:

Thank you so much for your kind and caring comments. England is going through a tough time just now but we’ve been through this sort of thing before. Hitler’s bombers couldn’t defeat us so we are most certainly not going to allow a few mad dogs (which is what terrorists are) to stop us living our lives as best we can. So glad the your and your adorable children had a good time.

H****** says:

“Hey! No fair! this is mamma’s second time on the double decker”

H****** says:

“its not a knight, its a soldier!”
“No!! Its my knight!!!”

Cuties, the whole lot of ya! #LifeGoals

DeOrangeAlligator says:

I’ve lived in the UK my whole life and never gone down south to the City of London.
I’ve only ever traveled to suburbs within London and they are… well pretty terrible and poor compared to the city of London where all the tourists go :/

As Told By says:

London is one of our favorite places! Looks like y’all had a blast! -Ash and Shelbs

T Lee says:

My family is headed there soon. It’s a great time to show what lovely city it is. Also – I’m taking my four year old and would love to know the fun places you went! ❤️

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