Shot on iPhone Xs! Travel Vlog to London!

Shot entirely on the new iPhone Xs Max! Our trip to Goodwood House for Forza Horizon 4 launch! SO FUN!!
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Sony rx100 V –
Sony A7s ii –
Sony a6500 –
Sony rx0 –


I don't like BTS says:

Does it charge?

Maximilan Williams says:

What mic was you using on the iPhone?

Brian Perez says:

ali a was there too i think
*ali a intro*

Melissa L. says:

Okay but your skin looks amazing! Just thought I’d point that out ✨✨

LifeOfMe says:

Anyone else see that facial smoothing?

Patrick Patten says:

Aww your up the road from me I’m in Portsmouth have a great holiday x

sadam armani says:

I want to send a land of self-stick to send me a buy Whose penis is big

Joshua XOXO says:

Can I just have your old phone? Please. Haha! Just wanna exp expensive things.

LPS Taco says:

i hope those mclarens werent stattrak…


I live in london

Sid Sid says:

Your dog barked on the video and sent by boys running downstairs barking like crazy dogs.

Mr Shagi says:

You should do more vlogs please

Cara Jackson says:

Am I the only one that thinks the quality sucks?

gblockboy1 says:

Justine’s gorgeous

It’s AppleByCJ says:

Check out the Canon EOS M50, it shoots in 4K

Kids Raheel says:

I have always wanted to go to londen

Rafiuddin Razaleigh says:

Damn it you’re so beautiful!

mercuriallimit says:

6:29 damn it, cutest hello I’ve seen today lol

Jayden says:

Great viedo, you always have some adventurous vlog and btw the iPhone xs camera is clean, love the video.

Enver Dashdemir says:

You look so mature 🙂

Mk ._. queen22 says:

The audio sucks but not bad for iphone

mrinvincible8 says:


Morit Lh says:

Hmm the Dynamic range is incredible
I will really consider it even though I’m an Android user
(2 phones can be a solution for that)
Glad they added a VS to the front camera)

AG 2105 says:

song at 2:37

Friedrich Gröger says:

song 1:33 ?

kunjan rathod says:

Hey @iJustine please stop being just overwhelmed with your iPhones but also share some serious issues like #chargegate with iPhone xs/Max

Kevin Kim says:

With all the problems iphone xs is having, i have changed my mind not to get it. Blue screen gate, beauty gate, charging gate, etc. Apple is absolutely dead. Note 9 is for me now

Jesse Hernandez says:

Ijustine, I was wondering if you were like many many many others who have the new iPhone XS having issues with charging your phone? There are claims and even YouTube videos showing clearly when you plug in your phone that it does not charge until you tap the screen taking it out of sleep mode.

si hamid says:

Please justin czzn you help me to sell my t shirt plz plzplz

Abdullah Khlawey says:

I thought u died in escape the night

Karmen Hikmat says:

1000000 dollars Huh? iPhone Xs is a 1000 dollars and it doesn’t have a dongle

Manuel Teubert says:

was it the front or rear camera ?:)

Chris S says:

You sitting in the driver’s side of that badass car is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

eggy says:

Jenna is better than car stuff right lol

naveen bobby says:

One of your best vlogs. Looks like you guys had fun.

Anshika Ramesh says:

who is the eldest???
does it go like bre-justine-jenna

Reece Harrison-strati says:

random question is Costa coffee a thing in America?

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