St Paul’s Cathedral | London Trip

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Jordan, Joe, & Spencer travel across the world to London on an incredible adventure! Come join us to see the exciting places we go, and if Jordan can handle a trip with the kids!

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beast9011 says:

What the hell is there problem just keep your damn insults to yourself, I’m looking at you joe and that super skinny pale fucker

Beth Cookson says:

Should have gone to London Zoo it’s awesome there. 😀

MisterMed says:

Spencer has a bad influence on others.

National Donkey says:

5:45 that is not how you hold a wine glass and you do not slurp either…

degenerate says:

2:10 is that Swiftor?!?!

Needs More Flash!!! says:

Wait! Wait! wait, wait wait……. Someone knocked something over and it *wasn’t* one of them? lol

haHAA says:


Dÿłäñ says:

I live in St Paul but it’s in mn

beast9011 says:

Atheists are so damn annoying

SierraDawn06 says:

travel tip: the reason why a lot of countries hate (american) tourists is that loudness comes off as disrespectful (especially in formal places, such as a church). it’s obviously okay to talk and laugh and have fun on your trip but take the people around you into consideration

NippleMustache says:

“1920’s world war ii” -joe 2k15

DeviouslyCD says:

Their reaction to London traffic was my reaction to traffic in Amsterdam

Esai408 says:

Oh look three white guys at the back of the bus

wolfmother says:

Guys, the reason why Americans get such a bad rep — especially when touring foreign nations — is because of how obnoxiously loud they can be. To say nothing of being in a place of prayer…Nevertheless, hope the trip is going well Gents!

Abigail Gasataya says:

Hey Swiftor fans! At 2:10 you can see Swiftor taking a picture near Spencer!

IanTV says:

The only assassination going on here is the assassination of English history in a 6 minute video. noooooooo

Metamonkey says:

I really missed Spencer during the last video, but he sure made me regret that in the first 10 seconds

Michael says:

They should make an assassin’s creed game where I live… in Sunderland…

Sora Kensei says:

I used to like Spencer, but he’s getting on my nerves a bit now. If ya read this tone down your “jokes” a bit man.

Sweet Rolls says:

Joe is so uncultured

DJKiller123100 says:

Jordan the respectful

Phoenix S says:

I don’t think I could handle the attention I would get if I walked around with two other dudes who are yelling and laughing with a camera waving around in public.

How do they *_do_* this??

Brittney Klemme says:

I have the same phone case as Joe.

it's ya boy sam reid says:

swiftor says take a photo of the cathedral.

Griffin S says:

Spencer: That’s where Vladimir Putin is buried!
Joe: The one from Harry Potter.

Knivesace says:

“Dr.who in 1920 World War II” – Joe

Mishmash films says:

I ate at the fish-n-Chips place across the street from St. Paul’s. I about had explosive diarrhea on the tube back. I dont remember anything from the tour, only that I almost shit myself because I JUST HAD TO HAVE FUCKING FISH N CHIPS!!

Brian Tarver says:

Joe and Spencer are the new Jay and Silent Bob.

monchi says:

Meh. This was too immature. Joes accent is hella rude

AnorakAussi e says:

Spencer’s hair makes my cry…

beast9011 says:

Jordan’s the only adult out of the three

Mitchell Carson says:

God spencer is annoying

Joel says:

To the people going crazy in the comments about seeing a gamer they watch, it’s not a coincidence. The Creatures weren’t the only ones invited. Others you might notice are Swiftor, some members of Achievement Hunter, MatPat, and Jev (I think)

ConnorIsAlsoLewis says:

WW2 wasn’t going on in 1921 you moron

Gaby Beswick says:

4:17 killed me

comedyflu says:

Best ending 2016!!!

jimjimwars says:

1920 World War ll *cringes

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