Surprise London Trip & Face-masks! | Weekend Vlog!

I’m off to London for some fun, food and Star Wars to celebrate Sophie’s birthday! Then later we both do face masks and look creepy!

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jay argh says:

That mask peel off was amaaaazing & so satisfying – also I want to argue that oatmeal + pecan (& occasionally chocolate chips) are the superior cookie.

T42 Tube says:

Ash you looked like a waxwork, amazing! Great vlog as always guys

dannyreevo says:

you’ve hit 7k!

Up and Adams says:

Peel-off masks are the bomb! They’re so hard to find in comparison to the cream ones, though. Do you guys have any recommendations for good ones?

geekforlife says:

I love your weekend vlogs!

Annelies Thuwis says:

Holy macaroni, that BBQfood looked soooooooooo goooooodddd! Now I’m hungry! 🙁
Yay, we’ve got 3 of those busses! We got them for free when we purchased….A LOT in the Disneyland Paris lego store 🙂 And now I’ve got the ‘wheels of the bus’ song stuck in my head. I do hate those stickers as well, I really suck at sticking them in the right places and hanging them straight. But oh well. 🙂
Haha, Ash, you look like Krusty the Clown or Sideshow Bob there in the morning with no gel in your hair 🙂
Oh the facemasks, stop it guys, your killing me here. hahahahaa 🙂 Sarah looks like a ghost (and I AM afraid of clowns btw) and Ash looks like ehm…. Casual Ken, if you had a hawaii shirt on, you would be Malibu Ken 🙂 When you laughed, it looked like you had some really bad facelifting done there. Kinda creepy actually. Maybe you should put a warning on this video 😉
Thanks guys, I really enjoy watching your vlogs, they always make ma laugh so hard 🙂

Laura McVeigh says:

I took my mum to the shard for her 60th in April for drinks was pretty cool! Oatmeal and Raisin are my all time favourite – I’m always outvoted in my house though 🙁

Richard Lund says:

How dare you to have so much fun and make me want to go to London again. The face masks look like fun.

Darlene Cai says:

Love from the US! Look forward to these weekend vlogs!

Shell kinz says:

How did your skin feel after both face masks? Ashs face mask looked creepy?

Diane Smith says:

you both look awesome wow Shara did a brilliant job of taking your mask of Ash I always end up with loads of bits lol XUK

BlueCloud says:

What was that Japanese shop called? Where was it and how far was it from the ice cream place called Scoop and what kind of ice cream does Scoop do?

Un Known says:

Ash looks like he belongs in a Madame Tussauds museum with a face mask like that lol.

Luke Carrigan says:

I had my 18th birthday on 12th May?

Andrea Moore says:

Ash, your weekend looked fun, but it’s just not the same without Sarah’s enthusiasm =( YES, get the Lego castle – I have it and it is amazing! – took hours to build =) Yay Ash for picking Sarah up some gifts in that cool shop – way to go!

jeff davidson says:

you don’t spend enough time on food.

dannyreevo says:

lots of flickering in darker interiors?

Chelsea thea says:

i saw Alien in 4DX it was absolutely amazing, certainly worth seeing in 4DX if you have one close to you. great vlog, as always.

Tiffany Redfearn says:

Whoooo first comment. Love you guys.

babyhols666 says:

i didnt know london had a shake shack! i was in london last friday on oxford st omg

Kim Luarks says:

wow we have shake shack here in the US! that BBQ looked so amazing… Sophie said the ice cream was as black as your soul… lol tell her your soul isn’t black! lol I was hoping you’d get Sarah some stuffies and zum zums! might not be spelled right! loving the vlogs!

Chantal Berard says:

Haha nice. Wish I could convince Chris to do a face mask with me

Hiro Bogdonovich says:

Your address is on the pizza box.

Kelly Potter says:

I don’t know why, but when Sarah held up the peel off mask, it reminded me of Po from Kung-fu-Panda

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