The Adventure Begins! | London Trip

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Jordan, Joe, & Spencer travel across the world to London on an incredible adventure! Come join us to see the exciting places we go, and if Jordan can handle a trip with the kids!

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Stephanie R. says:

Does James drive?

AleXstProduction says:

The guy at 5:40 xD

Angelwithdaddyissues says:

*sobs* I had a chance to meet them ;-; and I missed it

Audrey Whelan says:

Spencer’s death glare after that 8 hour flight XD

GamerGirl17 says:

You guys were a state next to mine :/ I missed you guys

Shaps14 says:

you guys were in the airport my dad works at in Chicago lol I’m so honored to have shared this Airlines with you that I’ve been using since I was little

ThatOneLargeCat says:

Never seen a map of the U.S. were Akron, OH is labeled on there. It’s cool but Akron is such an odd city to be on a map.

Jesse Jay says:

look on the back car windows theres the license plate

xredstar303x says:


Demarcus smith says:

Omg they went to chiraq

JeshcaPrints says:


MTK says:

Just out of curiosity I wonder what airline they used to get there.

MiningGirl GotDiamonds says:

7:49 What is that guy doing in the red T-shirt??? Ummm…

AdmiralLolek says:

Spencer`s face is definitely not camera-friendly. Eww

David Tenorio Lord Of Dank says:

3:58 good

Jammez says:

That’s some pretty good stock footage

JamieVlogs says:

You should eat at Dick’s…Sausage Emporium.

Elsa Shadowhaven says:

I was in that Airport … xD it was so confusing its huge!! I Ate at the Mc Donaldes it was Pretty good !!!

DHoN says:

i said “i hope they dont do shit fucking annoying accents” and and even a second later i get “my names burt”

Caleb Hipp says:

boxed water: it’s good for the environment cause you can recycle it

because you can’t recycle bottles

Austin says:

Spencer … Just no….

Gary Busey says:

I was waiting for then all to start singing little Einstein’s in the beginning. θ_θ

DinoGirl500 says:

How long are they in London for?!?!

MetroWolf says:

Jordan is an amazing singer like wtf

BarryBear says:

They should’ve played Sweet Home Alabama on the way there and back.

Annette Clements says:

Jordan should have voiced the troll in the Hobbits (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did)

Makayla Maddox says:

Auntie Anne’s is the best!! 😀 and it sounds like Joe said it :3

Nick Tasy says:

How can Joe go on an adventure without his world famous rooster mask!?!? :O

CriticalHit149 says:

It doesn’t matter, because it’s been a while and wouldn’t matter anyway, but, I’m pretty sure boxed environment because it biodegrades. You can’t typically recycle paper/cardboard products that touch food. If you try to recycle a greasy pizza box, for example, it would ruin anything else it’s with. Also, you cant recycle waxy cardboard (typically). And, also, bottled water can be recycled, lol.

But, basically, yea, i think it’s that to make boxed water causes less emissions than making bottled water, and, also, it will biodegrade so, if it doesn’t get recycled atleast it will be gone in less than 20 years. or 200. or however long it would take for plastic to break down.

Caleb Hipp says:

5:40 yellow shirt

Angelic Hunk says:

Dex should’ve came with them as a translator.

MunaKnif says:

Psht… Should’ve drove to England.

Jammez says:

22 hours to London from Australia

Wolverineeeeeeee says:

I’ve never been to the east coast of the US let alone outside of the US. I hate being poor:(

LavaCuber says:

Jordan’s face at 6:12 XD

beanster 2.0 says:

did you do a meet and greet cause if you did I am mad

wizaerd sock says:

XD the dude in the back 5:37

Veltyn says:

Koots is driving a 2016 Mustang..

Jebkins says:

modmarket more like Mod Mark(et) :^)

Teddingham says:

6:55 In Faroe Islands between Iceland, Norway and Scotland, that is where I live.
Now drop a nuke on us and kill all 50.000 of us.

Goldec says:

where did spencer go

Sir Quackers says:


Soulz The System says:

Aww, Jordan is taking his kids to London~

Snicker Snocker says:

I hope you’re enjoying your mustang kootra. I know im enjoying mine

Phailet says:

I feel a strong connection to Joe suddenly

we both keep animal crossing in our wallets

Socialbutts says:

Is that the only song Jordan knows?

too delicious to resist says:

gross nerds go to a gross event in a gross country

YmlNightcore says:

How come jordan knows so much about England? eg: ate loads of different sweets from England (candy) and knows where to go.

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