THE BRAND NEW RAZER PHONE! – My London Day Trip Vlog

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kawaiiforce says:

Boi that ain’t mini

LordSabo says:

A lil gay at around 12:55

Talha khan says:


Xelendwyne Thalmor Dark Elf says:

Mini I’m like you so from one thicc man to another good luck in finding pants that fit

Campbell Mowry says:

6:14 I think Tom breathed on mr

Thomas Jones says:


Pleum Boi says:

Thicc Ladd

匚尺ㄚㄖ卄 says:

i thought RAZER died, hm must came back from the dead.

TIOS says:

mini the thiccboi

ButWhyTho says:

Why does everyone think edgyness is funny. Cheap comedy, find a clever way to get a laugh

Ish ya boi skinny says:


I liek SOUP says:

Mini has a phatass

King Gaming says:

Has anyone noticed that terrorisers logo looks like a penis?

DJ Garlic Bread says:


ForceGaming 2015 says:

Why didn’t you include Tom’s toaster bit

My little world says:

The new brazers video

Insane4Chips says:


cesar plancarte says:

Damn he thicc

crazy eye gaming says:

1:17 wtf great memes

Ice Wolf22 says:

And people say youtubers just sit at their desks and play video games

MaSHED T8RS says:

is nobody else going to comment on how unlucky mini is from both being hit by a car and witnessing one himself he has to be one of the most unluckiest people in the world

Trinomitri says:

why does mini ladd always get traumatized by cars?

Katrina Andrew says:

aye i was in london

kawaiiforce says:

War flash back

I’m sorry

rainbow 6 siege says:

IQ is the thicc’est

Matthew Lynn says:

was he holding th Razor Death Adder mouse? i skipped through so i dont know if he mentioned the mouse. if it is the Death Adder mouse, i have the same mouse as him. its an amazing mouse

Zer0 - The Assassin says:


Da pHANTOM says:

Damn…a Deathadder elite for Gmod ahhaha

TheRookies5 says:

That taxi incident, why?

Ken Van Ballaert says:

your vlogs are awesome keep doing them

Innovative Introvert says:

When will he ever come to Canada?☹️

Ghostelitetown says:

Minis butt could be the same size as Micki minaj.

o0 shuffle 0o says:

jesus, mini Thicc with a capital C

Ciara kelly says:

Thx for buying my rugby club

Slash says:

Mini is THICC

Yukihira Soma 【ユキヒラ ソマ】 says:

miniladd vlog videos?

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