THINGS TO DO IN LONDON | What’s Good London

ENG: What to do in London if you have 10 hours? One day in central London is all about enjoying the best that Zone 1 has to offer.
DE: 10 Stunden in Londons City. “Things to do in London” zeigt Euch wie man den Tag am besten verbringen sollte.
FR: Londres en 10 heures! Un jour dans le centre de Londres pour profiter du meilleur de la zone 1.

From London markets, Tate Modern, South Bank, Wine Bars, shopping in London and a great burger to finish the day in style. If you are on a layover or in town for 10 hours and don’t know what to do, check out our itinerary below.

0:27 Borough Market (tube: London Bridge)
0:55 Tate Modern (tube: London Bridge)
1:37 South Bank (tube: Waterloo or Embankment)
2:07 Gordon’s Wine Bar (tube: Embankment or Charing Cross)
2:32 Seven Dials (tube: Covent Garden or Tottenham Court Road)
3:10 Kingley Court (tube: Oxford Street)
3:51 Meat Liquor (tube: Bond Street)



Any suggestions for places we must experience in London? Leave that in the comments section below, too!

—Jens & Pete






Adam Parker says:

As a Londoner this list is pretty solid these are some good spots.

olafpayne says:

Hats off indoors please.

Matt Biggie says:

Just simply take a walk from Westminster to Tower bridge or to Big Barrier , my fav route 🙂

TØP says:

I subscribed because LoganPaulVlogs is subscribed then I realized your videos are DOPE!

Sofia Bagnaresi says:

That’s exactly what I was looking for!

hem iraapn says:

Lol thank goodness you’re clueless about the best places to visit in london… keeps the lame tourists like yourself well away

Love singing says:

Tomorrow i am gonna go to london so tyy

gordon steel says:

Guys – love the videos , why’d you stop ?

Thomas Pohle says:

Man your filmmaker skills are increadible! Keep up the good work.

dimondwolf3 AJ says:


Vathyah says:

When is the best month to visit London? Hb October? or January?

Ana Paula says:

wow i`ve been two times in london, planning the third for the next year and those tips are awesome. love it

Vadim Brandt says:

How much money do you spend on your city tour that day ?

Two Fingers says:

In Zone One you can enjoy much more than “only” eating and drinking

IT Teach Bangla says:

Very good.
Keep it up

Pam Ann says:

Nice tour! I’ll be in London next month and I’ll definitely check out some of these places! Thank you from Italy 🙂

Vin Nayar says:

Shouldve stopped at cross town doughnuts for dessert lol. But i am planning to do a round trip of London for my birthday..starting from breakfast to dinner. Im travelling by myself so i don’t wanna go to any restaurants….could you make a solo day trip recommendation video poease.

thomas says:

guy with cap looks like kyrie irving to me

Aloysius Low says:

Logan paul is subbed to this channel!!! Congrats guys

Tid m says:

Excellent! I m going To London with my fiancé this weekend !! Your video is everything We don t drink but we going To do everything Thank you

tinahindi says:

nice! subscribe can’t wait to see what else you got!

Mary's Creations says:

Great video!! Thank you!

No Charge says:

Where are you guys from? I can’t place your accents for the life of me D:

Yoshi says:

Where are you at the start?

Laura S.D. says:

Ohhh I visited London two months ago and I totally missed all these places! I wish I could have watched your video before my trip!! But next time I visit I will make sure to do this itinerary! I looove London!!! ❤

Jan-Jaap Endenburg says:

Great video!! I plan on doing this itinerary on my next visit to London, shortly.
How long would the itinerary walking distance be about, starting at the first stop (Borough Market) and ending at the last (Meat Liquor): an hour or 2?

princeicio says:

Was this filmed in November?

Monika says:

It’s so funny when people keep commenting how superficial and lame this “tour” and keep saying how wonderful London is without giving any suggestions whatsoever.

Gabs Bissessar says:

I can’t put my finger on their accents, where are they from?

james rogers says:

The only non cheesy, non nerdy things to do in London video on YouTube! My Mrs says you should have your own Netflix show!

Ali Bangash says:

just tried meat liquor based on your recommendation. It was awful. Be far the worst burger ever. 12 quids down the drain.

TheBig Baller says:

Logan Paul is subbed to this channel

Louis Mustermann says:

Best video on London ever made!

Fariba Amini says:

I love London a lot

Rishaan Pasha says:

U know Logan Paul is subbed to you? I was looking at his subscriptions and you were on the list so congrats

Lucky 222 says:

That Indian is COoL !!

Amiin Hussen says:

I’m going to London this summer

lasszak2008 says:

This is a great video! Cool places and handsome men! What more can I ask for?!

Andrei JDJJF says:

I’m in london to 2 day’s and that’s shitttt the center is good yes but after all quarters are the same

Connor Cadden says:

Who knows Logan paul are subscribed to this guys channel

Upper Island District Dental Society says:

getting excited for my trip and what wonderful ideas feeling a wee bit overwhelmed but this is a great start!

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