Top 10 London Attractions

Looking for the best things to do in London? Head to – your official London city guide. For more information about the top 10 London attractions go to

Take a look at London from a fresh perspective as we take you on a tour of the city’s most popular places to go based on the official attraction visitor numbers. From unique museums and stunning galleries, to family friendly attractions and world heritage sites, London has something to offer everyone. And many of these places are free to enter!

Dinosaurs, historic ships, space rockets, cutting-edge fashion, you’ll find it in one of London’s top 10 attractions. And don’t forget to get a bird’s eye view and enjoy panoramic views of London’s ever changing skyline. It all awaits you here in London, England…

Shot using cutting-edge filming techniques, including footage captured by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV aka drone), see these iconic attractions like never before.

Go to – the official London city guide for everything you need to get started for your London holiday including ideas for London hotels, restaurants, things to do, places to go, upcoming events shopping and more.

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benvolio mozart says:

n°1 : the Tower
n° 2 : Westminster Abbey
Then…………….all the others

RyanTCB says:

Even the free attractions are so overpriced

Vuolsicosìcolà says:

Been in London a month ago..I didn’t want to come back! I loved the city, the people, the many and many things you can do, the great ethnic and food variety. In the end, a real city of the world. I’m planning to live there one day

#UnknownCousins says:

Hello! Im just saying something. Not many videos say that you could visit the Paliarment House. Just because not many have the privlage to visit it. But i’ve been lucky enough to go there, because my dad’s friend is the Deputy Prime Minister. Anyways Have a good day!

My Only Fascination says:

8/10 are museums. What a shame.

Jamie Lawrington says:

Don’t forget about South Bank

Dali Daliana says:

hello everyone, how are you ? I want to go to london ))

Life Hacks says:

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Iris Lightninghill says:

Where is London Dungeons it should so be on the list

TheAsiaCentury says:

I rather go watch monkeys in a zoo

Mark Korenhof says:

Big Ben is more beautiful at night when it is all lit up.

Tax Free 4U says:

What is the name of the song in the background?

Ixoye Ixoye says:

The most popular activity at present is getting run over and having your face stabbed off by a young Muslim man.

Let's Do Better Now says:

I would highly recommend the new Design Museum! 🙂 We recently visited it and made a video review and it was really fun. Check out the video on my channel and let me know your thoughts 😉


of I forgot.. while their dog is swimming and pooping on the beach ..they are are grilling smelly sausages and smoking cigarettes next to you… yeah..welcome to England.

Carol Law says:

Imperial war museum is very interesting and is free admission also

TheRisingHeroine says:

Going tomorrow :DDD

Ella Marie says:

what about the orbit slide that was really fun

Arya Chloe says:

am in London now in intercontinental park lane

Lira Gordon says:

What the name of the song in the backround

Mark christmas says:

why i love london so much is because there is so many things to do and see

Leonardo Gutierrez says:


Iris Lightninghill says:

why isnt london dungeons on there?

voodoo wolf 12345 AJ says:

I love the tower of london

Awesome organization says:

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Jolly Josh24 says:

We were just at the since or

Agnieszka Lechniak says:

number 6 (Science museum is at South Kensington

Carbunkle says:

I am surprised there was no exetrior view of the new addition to the Tate Modern.

benedict culminator says:

I’m going to London on my birthday to see the lion king the musical.

Abbie Dawson says:

Why didn’t you put. In London dungeons that is a popular place

Mp1Maater03 says:


Chorus Cellar says:

This could be quite fanciful actually.

Tuula Westra says:

I lived in London 4 years, have been back 15 times, the good ol’London Town, no other city can compare.

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