Travel London: Day Trip to Stonehenge

Join Sonia Gil for a magical mystery tour of the English countryside’s most enchanting spots! Check out the awesome aura of Stonehenge, the humbling scale of Silbury Hill, and the incredible stone circles of Avebury!

Click here for a map of the trip with some personal notes.

And check out some great photos from the trip:


julian neave says:

Wow, Stonehenge is so much bigger than you see in the movies!

cindybin2001 says:

AARGGHHH I can’t believe it! I just re-watched this video and I saw the part at the end where you said the way to end this tour is a “pint” at the pub! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Alcohol is a drug! Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker except they aren’t breaking the law! People need to grow up and set an example! And now all the pot smokers who see this video will feel further justified in continuing THEIR drug use! Oh this makes me so mad. I can’t even watch a video on STONEHENGE without you people mentioning BOOZE! I read Rick Steves’ and Fromer’s travel books and they are constantly talking about pubs and beer and “pub appreciation” and how the British are “proud of their beer”, etc. It makes me not even want to go to England! And what gets me is that I have ranted against alcohol for 15 years, writing thousands of comments, tons of blogs, even a BOOK about why we shouldn’t use alcohol! Haven’t you read a thing I’ve written???

suup101 says:

I`m having such a stressful time atm and then I watch one of your videos, and i feel much better! Thank you Sonia!

likebriancole says:

okay!! this is so so so so fantastic!! I love this!!!! xD

NormanVsNorman says:

Lovely video Sonia! So inspiring! Keep on! 🙂 Oh, and happy new year!

Amelia1611 says:

These places are pretty near me! Having spent 15 years here you take it for granted a bit as time goes on, but this video made me realise that I am surrounded by great history and beautiful countryside 🙂

vhdisney says:

been there a few months ago, but it was super windy :S

Libby Withnall says:

Great video. I loved Stonehenge. We did the tour after closing when you could right amongst the stone – THAT was awesome.

lovejulieandrews says:

im so excited! going back to my mother land this summer (england) and im gonna have so much fun! your videos just make me more pumped!

Caroline Daly says:

Newgrange in Ireland is 1000 years older than Stonehenge and way more amazing!

Allie says:

I love your channel. It makes me want to travel that much more and someday, I will.

MR7MID says:

I love you sonia 🙂 you are the best !!

soniastravels says:

Would love to! Maybe one day..

peeayouel says:

For those people writing anti alcohol comments; people who drink alcohol are healthier, happier, live longer and have more friends than teetotallers and they have more fun. So there!

Snake Enjoying a Sandwich says:

Sheeps rocks and hills all in one place!

Dass Gon says:

Hi Sonia, how can i go by train to stonehenge and where should i buy the tickets to go! thankyou n.n

soniastravels says:

Thank you! Don’t know about the restaurant though 🙂

David Barunz says:

Mystic place! I don’t get tired to tell you: love your videos 🙂

genjii931 says:

Oh, the missed opportunity! The Pub…just a “stone’s throw” away… 🙂

saucymare says:

Great vid, just what i wanted to know. Thanks

soniastravels says:

It’s beautiful! You will love it..

Anderson Tours says:

Fantastic video Sonia. Definitely captures the magic of the Stone Circle. We’ve been visiting it daily for years – still is great to see peoples reactions!

mavs2147 says:

Your videos are amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Stonehenge.

Earl Moorhouse says:

Oh, those mysterious old places! You saw them in sunshine . . . but if you really want to feel the spookiness, visit on a misty, gloomy day!! You’ll go home with a genuine shiver up the spine. Great video. Thanks, Sonia.

Mitch Wagner says:

Terrific video.

There was an excellent vegetarian restaurant in Avebury when my wife and I visited on our honeymoon. Is that still around?

X Ballyhoo says:

Ha! An hours drive to travel back 3000 years!? Other vids say this place is only 100 years of mud and plaster. Sorry but this place is FAKE!

bokeflo says:

I may just have to make that day trip the next time I’m in London or any other part of England. Great Video.

tsunami1928 says:

felicitaciones tus descripciones son no solo exactas sino  graciosas y motivadores

Jetwing says:

i think i know why there there. thats the stone of remembrance. from the bible. and how they got there? i dont know. maybe the had dinosaus. yes. dinosaus war with man. yes. the bible said so.

cindybin2001 says:

Well at least visiting Stonehenge would get you away from the “people drinking beer on the street” in London! I was SHOCKED when I saw your video about that, where you acted like it was just perfectly acceptable for people to use alcohol, and where you yourself raised a toast with your own cup of beer. That is TERRIBLE! Alcohol is a drug. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right! And we will NEVER get the pot smokers to understand why it’s wrong and immature to use drugs, as long as people use alcohol! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren’t breaking the law. Your video about London makes me NOT want to go there, if this is what I would see! I would be absolutely FUMING. I would want to chastise each and every person on the street drinking beer. And here I thought it was bad enough that England has all these “pubs”. I would fume just passing a pub! But now you tell me that they drink beer ON THE STREET, too?? That is TERRIBLE! What is wrong with these people, using a mind-altering drug to relax, have “fun”, socialize, etc. They need to GROW UP. 

Yubis Lopez says:

How do you research before a trip?

Angel77777771 says:

Can I please have your job?

Sylvia Black says:

Why on earth would any one want to go to Stonehenge? It’s just a lot of stuck up stones. Believe me, I used to live near it! Don’t waste your time going there and you’ve to pay to go in!!

Jonny Kanthan says:

you should go to stonehenge to watch sunrise on winter and summer solstice, its crazy

Hostelling International says:

Great video Sonia 🙂

Mike Dempsey says:

You got that right…I lived in London a bit….I dont recall a day as good as this one…nice job Sonia..I posted this on FB for a friend to see…Mike (Cornell guy also

MLEvlog says:

Could you do a video on traveling for free? Like WOOFing or other volunteer opportunites around the world? Things like that…. says:

Stonehenge was a strange stone circle, but I thought the human circle around the stone circle is stranger than that!! 

soniastravels says:

You will! 🙂

Findecanor says:

Oh, you are not allowed to get close to the Stonehenge than _that_ ? … 🙁

lunaangelj says:

in avebury, you can just go in through the little gate and walk around the stone circle area? even though it looks like it’s on a working farm?

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