HUGE Thank you to D-trix for having us come with him to his trip to Europe. It was a little too fun.

Unfortunately Jerel wasn’t able to come with us to our trip to Europe, but don’t worry! You’ll see plenty of Jmocak soon! 🙂

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ann b says:

Nakurwiamy wixe hahaha genialne

Noelani Mendoza says:

1:35 I thought there was 4 people, but it was the reflection 😀

Laila H says:

hahahah. josh is mad funny

Ebby Cassady says:

I get motion sickness too and it sucks

Lovehardtoget Wzw says:

Someone please tell me.Is Jmocak still in DMI?!

Oliwia Lowe says:

Weronika <3

ItsChaseIngram says:

chad green is the funniest

Steve Brown says:

Does josh have a channel?

jorasuma says:

What’s the song at the end called?

xiahluver says:

Lol that gay cross fit part.

Niyus111 L says:

Thanks for sharing the vlog. Will there be 1 for Rome n 1 for Paris?

Blue Human0195 says:

14th view

PaulinaS says:

weronika ❤

daryl Lee says:

Chanco Green is my spirit animal

Naim Aaziz says:

Im from London green why didn’t you come to my house chancho green

Beavers N' Potato Pie says:

Don’t go to my channel. It’s too good

kara bey says:

song at 3:58 that’s playing in the gym? man I know this song…

hi hey hello says:

It’s to your friend-Weronika : Werka nie znałam cie od tej strony haha ,pozdrwiam ,czekam na nowy filmik ,post itd. Fajnie do siebie pasujecie i to jak na ciebie patrzy…

Mary Wyszomierska says:

Weronika <3

pa real says:

nakurwiamy wiksa lmao

Nathan Dulay says:

xD “Hola Dis is chancho green and where i am standing, some one else stood here. isnt it crasy?”

Miyuki Nishioka says:

Chancho green cracks me up

Oliwia Lowe says:

Weronika <3

nutellalover27 says:

Josh is so adorable and funny.

Marie Munio says:

Hey, I’m from Spain
please come to spain

Joe Coleman says:

you guys are so amazing!!!

Sara Kkaebsong says:

Chancho Green = Best historian alive.

Anaiah Charles says:

when josh said difficult i busted out laughing

Blue Human0195 says:


Xavier Cortes says:


Abi De Los Reyes says:

ahahaha chancho green standing where someone else was, wow thats amazing lol

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