Trying 10 Things You Have to Eat in LONDON!

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Places featured:
– Five Guys
– Portobello Crepes
– Hummingbird Bakery
– Bens Cookies
– Goldmine
– Beigel Bake
– Cereal Killer Cafe
– Sketch
– The Harrison
– Wahaca

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Jessica Smithy says:

How are you recommending an American restaurant in London??? Seriously?

Anna Sweeney says:

I’m coming to London st the end of June/beginning of July. What should I pack for clothing?! Layers? Dresses? Help! Haha!!

Francis Major says:

We have 5 guys down the street here in Canada. BTW, thanks for making this video. I’m heading to London in June and plan on trying that crêpe from Portobello Market.

Victoria B says:

Five guys is american

out travel says:

there is Five Guys in Los Angeles

Harriet Jones says:

DONT GO INSIDE THE PHONE BOXES!!! They stink of wee, not nice at all!

Joshua Crespo says:

Where are you from??? Are you American? If you are you should be embarrassed! 5 Guys?

Yazali Abu says:

Hey everyone I’m an ambitious teen tryna make it big on YouTube that I’ve just started out and I’d be thrilled if you’d subscribe to my channel. Videos coming soon

김영찬 says:

I couldnt see why I ‘HAVE TO’ go to gold duck in London. Now I know, for youtuber, it is quite easy to put have to or must into their title of video with no proper reason.

Gertrude Nyenyeshi says:

Awesome video. I’ll be traveling to London soon and this was great to watch 🙂 Also, I’m Kenyan and the purple passion fruit is very common here 😀

Kc Festus says:

Go morleys

CNVideos says:

Beigel Bake isn’t exactly cheap eats, but it’s damn good. In London you should try fish & chips, such as Fryer’s Delight in Holborn. Or try an English breakfast at a local eatery, not a touristy place.

MrPlanx says:

Pretty girl, but totally clueless. Another example of a YouTube travel video where the hosts never bothered to do even 5 minutes of research.  I did catch her saying that she had lunch after going to church on Sunday, so that says it all right there. What kind of moron is religious in this age?

DarkWing 81 says:

Five guys is a American company

Rafael Fonseca says:

you eat like an elephant

Abiraj Anpalagan says:

Covent Garden… you heathen.

KC’S DIARY says:

I’m from London and want to learn from this video

doomo says:

You went to fukkin LONDON and went to FIVE GUYS? Are you just a crack head or what?

Memoria James says:

A better title for this video would have been “Where I ate in London” because most people do not recommend restaurants they don’t like. You didn’t like all the places, so I wouldn’t say these are places one “has” to eat in London.

I am Ellie says:

lordy me thats not how u say covent garden 😀 as a londoner this was painful

Robert Dean says:

You didnt even go to Brick lane market or food stalls or Camden huge lol

London Expert says:

You had the scones wrong!!! Should use the clotted cream first

sommerlin says:

Why didn’t you put the clotted cream on your scone too??

Adriana Leiva says:

Do you need reservations for Sketch?

Ram chandran says:

Must eat Indian foods in restaurant


if u want a good pizza place id suggest Zizzis in London

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