Visit London – The DON’Ts of Visiting London, England

London has a ton of great attractions that tourists and travelers will love, however there are some things you shouldn’t do when you come to London. This travel vlog covers the Don’ts of Visiting London, from not forgetting to tap out your Oyster Card to Making sure you don’t forget to experience some of London’s amazing international cuisine.
The DON’Ts of Visiting London, England
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
Filmed in London, England, UK

The Shocks of Visiting London

The 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting London

The 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting England

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Facts with Fin says:

Travelcards are better than oysters

EvoDrift says:

Come to leeds they have Pakistanies everywhere

Oscar Hayward says:

Don’t stand on the FUCKING left!

Will Garnett says:

Don’t go south London is probably the best advice

Ginnie Curtis says:

Just something about visiting Britain in general, DO NOT assume that Britain is England. If you’re in a country in Britain or the UK, call it by it’s name. It is the most annoying someone can do to refer to England as Britain. It’s the most impolite and ignorant thing you can do. Just don’t do it. Please. It’s really annoying and stupid. I’m kinda pissed this wasn’t included in the video since we’re kinda just shoved together when in reality, our counties don’t really get along and are very different. Also the UK and Britain are different things. (I don’t know how much the other countries mind but in Scotland if you call a Scottish person British or you say you’re in the UK/Britain, just prepare your ear-holes)

(A kinda pissed off Scot)

Rapture24GL says:

The major don’t you missed which is is dont just visit London when visiting the UK. London is not a true reflection of the UK and its people, it is put on for the tourists. Venture out. Visit the north… The Lake District, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Scotland. Prices are cheaper, people are more friendly and there is some awesome things to see and do

Angela Hope says:

When you visit London don’t just go for the centre of London go North,East,South and West London.There are so many things to explore in these areas.Also if you know someone who lives in East London as I do (Love it)
and they have an Idea Store (library card) they can get in for a pound.Also visit Musemn Of London and the Musemn Of Childhood and the Musemn Of Docklands as they are free and are most excellent.Also try not to travel home between the hours of 4 and 7pm as this is rush hour and try not to travel home on a Friday as that’s the time when people are going away for the weekend.Try to pick up a free Time Out magazine that comes out on Tuesday as this will tell you what’s on and what’s free.
You can’t whack it when it’s free can ya.
Love this video by the way and thanks for the compliment.

Nella Rogers says:

I hear a big don’t is slurping your tea!!! So when you have your Tea don’t Slurp it!!!

Another one is asking for the dessert menu, you want to ask for the Pudding menu!!! So don’t ask for the dessert menu!!!

Jennifer Garibay says:

There is no good Mexican food in London.

fish and banana says:

Regarding the oyster card, if you are going to use the underground/bus more than twice a day you are better off getting a zone 1-4 day travel card which you can use as much as you like on that day and i think its around £10.

Premieresoldat says:

DON’T think London is England. IT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Move around. The prices are far more reasonable and so are the people! Also, it’s a lot more beautiful.

SmilyWand159 says:

don’t get out of line bc i will be waiting with my bat!!! lol

Mark Thomas says:

Dont forget your coat

Equii Lottie says:

I wouldn’t go to London either. Try some other cities like Winchester which is really lovely or some cities like York

MAVERICK 42 says:

Cut in line in front of me i’ll knock you fucking out lol

Leigh Eastham says:

Number 1 don’t. Don’t just visit London! An hour and a half up the M40 is Warwick and Stratford upon Avon. Warwick has an amazing castle, and Stratford is basically Shakespeare central. I work in Stratford and we’d love to see you all.

Genghis Khan says:

When you go to London don’t expect to see English people. Just pretend you’re in the Middle East because everyone there are Muslims. Only white people I saw there were tourists from other parts of Europe.

Brookie B says:

London isn’t all its cracked up to be, go south (yes their is more land below London) visit the Jurassic Coast, ( Exmouth in East Devon, Cornwall and Dorset) The air is far less polluted, its cheaper than London, the people are generally more friendly and happy (because we live by the sea) and their’s a lot of interesting history to discover! Be warned, it can get a bit windy/chilly as you’re by the sea, but we have some fantastic views! 🙂

Nicky L says:

If you are staying in the suburbs and using overground trains to get to central London as opposed to just the underground you can get 2for1 entry at a lot of attractions with your train ticket, including the dreadful Madame Tussauds.

Anne Matten says:

Do try and see some of the rest of the country, Britain is not just London, try Brighton , Bath , York, Chester, Wales and Scotland have many beautiful towns and cities.


and remember americans keep off the moors. Stick to the roads and beware of the moon lads

Ewan Williams says:

I’d say come to Preston but it is a bit of a shithole tbh.

Dalek boi Dalek boi says:

New rules for bus is because of rationalising service you can change bus service within the hour. Without being charged. But remember to tap in.

Gary Hayes says:

Don’t be too loud, we Brits don’t like it. Also don’t go flashing you cash around, there are people out there who will relieve you of it, keep it out of the way, never take your cash out in a crowed. To see the true Brits make the effort of coming North.

Aidankiwi says:

Title is wrong it should read London, United Kingdom. England isn’t a sovereign country. London is the capital of the UK, England technically doesn’t have a capital as it doesn’t have its own parliament (The Palace of Westminster houses the UK Parliament).

Jacob Fye says:

Don’t call Elizabeth tower big Ben( big Ben is the bell not the tower)

Oliver Smith says:

Make sure you say thank you if someone opens a door for you and maybe sometimes open the door for other people 🙂

Ginnie Curtis says:

If you wanna find the British stuff then you’ve gotta go to the rural towns just beware of our language, we have really foul mouths

Number White says:

I’m gonna do everything you told me not to do. :)))

Frazer Carrigan says:

Don’t piss off the queens guards and if you want to do on the London eye book the ticket online the queue is terrible. But a do would be go on a river tour from greenwhich go to all the museums and just have fun and be polite you get better things that way

G Tech says:

Going to London and Paris on my next trip anyone got suggestions?

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