When visiting London it’s best to get travel tips and advice from a local. This video has information about what to eat, where to go and what not to say!

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Chris Travers says:

Whether or not the coffee “sucks” is a personal opinion not a fact. The fact that you were born and raised in the US means you are used to American style coffee, while many native Brits may well dislike the one you prefer.

Alex ODonnell says:

overall, you made some fair points but most brits living in London don’t always have a full English every day its too stodgy and heavy so most people have it for a treat on a Sunday morning at home or in a café, however we do have savoury things like eggs on toast etc that aren’t too heavy. in London there are loads of coffee shops but some of the best coffee you can get doesn’t usually come from chains like Starbucks, café Nero and Costa. And with the tube most Londoners here do use oyster cards or contactless bank cards.

dale stuart says:

Londoners do love sugary treats but only at 3pm with a cup of tea. their best sugar treats at 3pm are KitKat and twix.

Daniel WOODRUFFE says:

In my opinion (Englishman, living in London for 30 years), if you’re pushed for time and want a compact tour, take the river bus: board at the pier, under the London Eye (if you’ve an Oyster Card – produce it for a discount), take a 1-way to Greenwich and return to Bank on the DLR. If you do, you will begin to understand that London was founded as a Roman trading post (they built the 1st London Bridge).
You will pass Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, the 1000 year-old Billingsgate Fish Market, HMS Belfast, Tower of London, pass under Tower Bridge (I’ve missed so much out!) and then the river bus will pick up speed and pass the “Cockney East End” (North bank), past Canary Wharf to magnificent Greenwich. Architects have declared it grander than Versailles (it is, believe me!). Greenwich market has lovely food and authentic pubs and you can visit the Greenwich Meridian – great for science and children’s school projects.
The DLR, next to Cutty Sark, will whisk you back to the old City of London, past the steel & glass of the Canary Wharf banking district; if you’ve small children, they can stand at the front and pretend they’re driving the train (it’s driver-less) – they’ll love it! At Bank, you’re fully-connected to the tube system with change to spare from this excursion – go on, be brave!

Kalecia Simmons says:

This was super helpful I love how all the londoners are talking trash hahaha but hey who cares I had no idea about the free museums in London I will be doing all of these thanks!!!

Tenkilosofchilli says:

you should know that most londoners don’t go to museum cafes to get their food and that you maybe speaking for yourself but i can guarantee that much of the city is not represented by that, also you haven’t had coffee at somewhere nice, try coffee places in borough market or other areas to get nice coffee not just the mainstream brands

MrAnton says:

most londener dont know london this is reality she is the sample she has no idea about london

dale stuart says:

sunny London you look like an old version of Linda carter [wonder woman]

Bill Palmer says:

its  cheaper  £ 3.50  for  a cup  of  hot  water lol

fasthracing says:

Love the way you very nearly get the accent right…kind of half American and half English “Tomatoes” “Yorkshire Pudding”

Jennybaby says:

Hey people don’t have time for these fry ups every day. Once in while on a Sunday they might have a fry up. Breakfast is normally cereal or toast and tea or for the health fanatics fruit and yoghurt.

Vetman van der Naam says:

Recently visited London and had coffee at the St John Woods station ( the little the Beatles shop). The coffee brand is Electric Coffee and probably the best coffee I had.

Sue Hweamel says:

She’s right. Im American and couldnt find one good place for coffee EXCEPT for “illy cafe” which was a mom & pop shop and only served illy coffee. The best! There was only one on Craven Terrace by Lancaster Gate. Also, you cant ask for “coffee” and expect they know what you mean. I had to say filtered coffee or American Coffee.

Roma Mulvey says:

The place east Londoners go for a cheap roast dinner is a chain of pubs called Toby Carvery, you don’t have to book in advance, but you can if you want, and you don’t want to hang around. once you’re seated, your server will explain what to do. It’s done with a ‘carver’ offering you a selection of joints to choose from, once selected they carve it fresh in front of you and pass you the plate. You then walk along a self service buffet where you can put as much or as little as you want on your plate. You can return to the buffet repeatedly at no extra charge, only you cannot have more meat. They’re online, and cover everywhere in the uk! so you can checkout your nearest branch, average meal starts at £7.99, BTW they open at 8am and do unlimited breakfasts too!
l don’t work for the company, it’s just that they’re seriously where we go to eat…..

adscri says:

Suggest avoiding paying an exorbitant price for a ride on the Thames with a private company by using the London Transport water boats, which stop at many locations. You can go from Westminster pier as far as Greenwich. Arriving at Heathrow, if travelling to the city centre, be certain you are taking the London Transport Underground train, not the main line to Paddington – the impression given by directions is that the much more expensive train to Paddington is the only option. Oyster card absolutely essential unless you want to spend half your holiday cash on fares! Get one at Heathrow tube station. Believe there is a refundable deposit. Walking leisurely in the underground during rush hour will not be appreciated – in fact really unpleasant unless you like cattle trucks.

newmie01 says:

Good coffee is never bought at a chain like Starbucks. There are some fantastic coffee shops dotted around. Try them!
Also, what’s citymapper? Never heard of it. Everyone knows the tube off by heart too!
Apart from that great vid. Keep it up and glad you pronounced Thames correctly!

rustythestarlight says:

If you visit London, bear in mind that you’re not truly experiencing the uk. Even for people who live outside London say Derbyshire for example, London is a challenge. It’s only if you live there can you truly master it. So ignore all the things you should/shouldn’t do you’ll soon pick up the vibe, be yourself and enjoy your visit.

bertiod von rastenburger says:

If I was out at the weekend and it all come on top I would want you on my side lady, I reckon you can throw a blinding right hook.

fasthracing says:

Try a coffee in a PROPER Cafe not the chain shit places.

Dennis de With says:

Hiya .
Dutch here but travel to London minimum 5x a year cos of events .
Travel up and down the city and yes use an oystercard why cos of the daycap yep daycap .
Bank or creditcard you do not av a daycap.
Wot’s a daycap….. a daycap is that you do not spend more then +-£7 per day the rest you travel free .
Same goes for buslines .
Bus lines are £1,50 per bus so in this case if you need to hop from bus to bus you wil see if you check you’r balance on the card that you save propa cash .
Swiping or tapping out wiv credit or bankcard you loose money !!!!.
Sugar in the marning ….. sorry but i recon you av not been out much love .
London the city of jungle drum n bass a city wiv propa clubs.
Avoiding Oxford street wot you said is not 100% true .
Yes avoiding some buzy places if you know your way is easy .
Using apps my advise is TFL app to begin wiv .
The app you spoke bout is one of the many .
Tip if you wanna go on the Emirate line its £ 10,70 but if you ava oystercard you get a discount and only pay £8,40 for a 2way go onnit .
Tip if you visit London why pay for tourbus that shows you all of London aprox £26 .
If you know the lines you can see the city for les then £6 , sit on the upperdeck in the front and njoy .

Cerys Morgan says:

So stereotypical this whole Chanel

mauimastiff says:

Not all the tube is wheelchair accessible if your wanting to visit west London use Earl’s Court green park and Westminster stations an get the bus or walk/push also Euston Square and kings cross and Tower Hill and Blackfriars are accessible too as is West Ham and Stratford

Les Lewis says:

Informative and to the point

Pavel Polz says:

oh my faking god, only stupid americans would think no one know this stuff which we learnt at school, jesus you americans are so faking arogant and know you know everything, I hate american stupidity. americans knows shit abount anything

alistair bolden says:

I think you did a really good job with this.

Pat R. says:

Informative video, and I’m glad you mentioned thar the coffee sucks. I was in the UK last May (Cardiff,Wales first, then Bath & London) and loved it, except for the coffee. I plan on visiting again in the next year or so, so have you found any good coffee places since making your video?

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