10 Best Places to Visit in California – Travel Video

There’s more to California than just movie stars and Disneyland. This is a state that boasts a large number of stunning natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, serene deserts and majestic mountains. California is also home to a number of exciting major cities, charming towns and to some of the world’s best wineries.


Sultan Al Hadidi says:

Like 1000

You, Me and Sweetpea says:

My husband and I have see all 10!


Great job

Obsidian says:

San Francisco is a sh*thole (literally), LA is a nasty traffic filled sh*thole!

Palm Springs is boring and ugly, same with Death Valley (do not go in the summer unless you like 115+ degrees).

Yosemite is beautiful, BUT do not attempt to go in May thru August unless you book a year in advance, and then it will be very crowded in the valley. Spring and Fall are the times to go, and then book six months in advance.

Napa is great, just avoid summer as it is packed with people and can get hot. September to mid October is packed for harvest but it is a great time, best pick is late October/ early November, followed by the Spring.

Monterrey peninsula, Lake Tahoe, San Luis Obispo area, Sonoma County, are all better choices, but the best most unique place in California is Big Sur.

Randomnoobi says:

My beautiful state 🙂

Brian Yates says:

Did that surfer just flip off of his board?

Armando Fernandez says:

I’m sorry but Disneyland is not in L.A. it is in Orange County. Ca.

Marlo Rice says:

Wow can’t wait to move to California!

SupremeSpicyBoi says:

No Silicon Valley?

Denys A says:

Palm Springs averages highs of about 71 degrees in both December and January. It is not the home of the Coachella Music Festival. That belongs to Indio, about 20 miles to the east. It also doesn’t have Joshua Trees. Those are on the high desert.

shadow king13 says:

God I miss California I visited for a about a week and fell in love with it an trying like hell to save up enough to move there soon

Praful Patel says:

Nice video

William Perry says:

No Lake Tahoe or Coast Redwoods or Big Sur?

Chris says:

rich and famous == pretentious -> attempting because I don’t care

abdel kader maatallah says:

hello california dream sausalito marines hôtel californien eagles nappa Valley floding white wine is de best richman ‘and la jolla Beach is best a Like san Diego tuhuanna frontières califtdounia capital sacrémentent stockton loday à Like san Francisco north beach lombard street vannez street is de best union street barouaris.street D.hL merci pour la vidéo

Parabrahmam Byna says:

Wonderful cities in USA appears pleasant.

Ihab Mikhail says:

I never visit the U.S.-California is there any difficulty I may face?

richard mctere says:

Disneyland is not in Los Angeles ,It’s in Orange County.

Eyenet2u says:

San Francisco is number one, only of you are a member of the LGBTQ community.

dick_twong says:

number 11. forests fire

Khaira Billa says:


Doge_the_Almighty says:

I recommend Crestline CA and Big Bear, plenty of Pine trees, cost of living is cheap, and you have all the food and the true four seasons you could ever need. Oh, and did I mention that there’s an airport in Big Bear CA? 🙂

Ana Mendez says:

Nice video but yes you didn’t name Monterey it’s a beautiful place to visit

Dmitry says:

san francisco #1, seriously? how many crazy and homeless people on the streets out there? it’s #1 attraction in the city.

Livid Imp says:

Definitely skip Palm Springs. It’s for people with too many dollars and not enough sense. In same area is Joshua Tree Monument, Oak Glen, or Idyllwild…hell, even the Salton Sea is more interesting (just don’t go there when the weather is warm, the stench will knock you out.) More importantly, go to Monterrey and Hurst Castle in the center of the state. And definitely go to the northern Redwoods if you are willing to travel almost to Oregon.

SEANJOHN 92663 says:

Ummmmm you guys forgot ORANGE COUNTY located in SO CA, where Disneyland is btw.. OC has some of the best beaches on the West Coast..

stubby ent says:

Were My Oakland Peoples

Rapheal Francis says:

MAY. 3. 2018.

DREW KIM says:

Instead of Death Valley try La Jolla as a resident of la county California I would know

My Email says:

I live in Southern California. I would not reccomend visiting or vacationing here. Northern California is way safer. Do not go to La or any other place after dark. People get shot and robbed here on a daily basis, especially tourists. The homeless people are lying and living all over the street. The illegal immigrants are a huge problem also. Everything is 30% higher for living expenses. You were warned

Sterling Edwards says:

Add Redwood forest on the North coast and Tahoe!

Boss Pancake says:


Olgier Cabe says:

San Jose people where u at?

Michelle Tran says:

Not all correct info. Do different research if you plan to live in California. This is bias although I love California state.

blank says:

No Monterey?

Ngo Nga says:

I hope I can be here one day

Becky Roy says:

What no mount lassen or mount Shasta. Or Whiskytown Lake or a anywhere north California. It is beautiful here. So come and check us out. You will not be let down.

redlipsmm says:

That marilyn monroe in palm springs has been gone for years now

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