21 Road Trip Stops From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

21 Road Trip Stops From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

The drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is one that most Southern California residents have done at least once. While many times you just want to make it there, this video shows you 21 of the best stops if you want to make your trip a little longer.

Read about all of these stops at http://californiathroughmylens.com/stops-drive-la-vegas

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Zombie Batman says:

i checked out at Del Taco.

Tommy R. says:

That is so awesome! I’m going on vacation in one week (from Norway) and we’re doing LA to LV! That you have this video up now it’s just to perfect to be a fluke. Thank you California Through My Lens and the universe. 🙂

Tiger Tiger says:

das ist auf englisch : ( schöne Größe aus Deutschland : )

The TOTCM Band says:

You 2 are my best friends


Awesome video! I stop on Barstow all the time and I even stay at the Roadway inn. The owners are a very nice Indian Family and I’ve gotten to know them well. Also I always stop at Zzyzx road all the time! And baker to see the worlds largest thermometer! Whiskey Petes in Primm too!

Yasmine and the Aliens. says:

Wow seven magic mountain looks super cool we are doing the drive from La to las Vegas in October

Tony Twist says:

was the trip all route 66

Pex Man says:

any entrance fees? thanks

Tony Twist says:

Do you have a map of the trip ?

Cardinal Explorers says:

Great video. The things you see and explore on your way to the end destination is what makes the trip more memorable!

Andrew Fogel says:

Have you visited Rainbow Basin? It’s one of my absolute favorite places near Barstow.

_blakerman says:

My favorite is the Diner-saur park!

Life in Vegas says:

Awesome video!! Showed us lots of cool attractions. Love driving through the open road and seeing all the beautiful sights. Subbed!

Amit Dunsky says:

So nicely presented. You guys are lovely! Thanks for some great ideas. We’ll check it out this coming November trip to LV

dathip says:

surprised they did not mention Victorville, CA

ZzYzX says:

What camera do you use ?

mama nurture says:

This is perfect. Thank you so much!

Chris Coté says:

Drove from L.A. to Vegas more than a dozen times and I didn’t know about half of those stops. Thanks

asplicerdude says:

Cool video. Everyone passes up so much cool stuff, thanks for sharing.

Tiah Carhee says:

I live in Las vegas

mykal likes to sk3tch says:

Im going to Vegas, for me its gonna take 2hrs.

Andrew Sims says:

Any reason there was no mention of the abandoned water park? Surprised it wasn’t listed since it’s one of the most noticeable on the drive.

Pex Man says:

Thanks kid! We are going this coming july. .I’m coming from pasadena, d we have to leave 7am to visit this places?

John magoo 1959 says:

Great film, were thinking of having a holiday in america and thats just the sort of thing we would love to do. Thanks chaps.

why not says:

im just watching because of her

Travel Small Live Big says:

And that’s the way to do a road trip! Great fun 🙂

Peanut Turner says:

Super useful video mate! I’ve subscribed 🙂 Driving this route (again!) in June so looking to see some new things. I visit California quite a bit and make videos on my channel too so check them out if you’re interested! 🙂

luhole says:

Can you help me? I’m from Australia and I was driving with my friend from Vegas to LA and he was driving the car. I’m always wanting to take photos of everything and I’d already made him stop a bunch of times, so when I saw this incredible site on the right side of the road, I felt bad asking him to stop again but immediately regretted it, and now I can’t get it out of my head and I don’t know where it was besides somewhere on the side of the highway from Vegas to LA..
It looked like one or two small, one-storey abandoned buidlings/houses painted in pastel colours, like pink, with a sort of Mexican feel and lots of palm trees around. I thought it might be that abandoned water park, but looking at photos of the park, I don’t think it is – the water park looks too big/complicated. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?! I’m desperate to find photos or at least it’s name so if I ever go back I can find it again!

The Headdog says:

I love road trips like this. I am bookmarking for my next adventure…Thanks.

Sylvia Makus says:

Planning this trip in 10days except from Vegas to Los Angeles


so good video for so few views.. thanks for the route

Ray Ray says:

Hi there, I really want to visit the gas station at the start of this vid but can’t seem to find it online – do you happen to know the address of it? Great vid – really enjoyed it and it gave me heaps of ideas for my drive to LV soon! Thanks

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