23 Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles

23 Places to Explore in Downtown LA –

Downtown LA has a ton of great spots to see, and in this video, I share 23 of my favorite places. This is just a small sample of what you can do in Downtown LA, be sure to let me know what your favorite spot is in the comments.

Here is a list of the places I visit in this video:

1. The Broad
2. Walt Disney Concert Hall
3. OUE Skyspace
4. Union Station
5. Olvera St
6. Chinatown
8. Grand Central Market
9. Bradbury Building
10. Angels Flight
11. The Last Bookstore
12. Clifton’s Cafeteria
13. Art’s District
14. Intercontinental
15. Grammy Museum
16. Smorgasburg
17. Little Tokyo
18. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
19. LA City Hall
20. Grand Park
21. Pershing Square & LA Library
22. Bob Baker Marionette Theater
23. Dodger’s Stadium

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Jason Jacobs says:

Great job on this video! My family will be visiting in May. You can see it on our Vlog.

Angelica Roque says:

Great review!!!!

Stephen Teng says:

I hate Los Angeles. The traffic is horrible. Too many people use private transportation. Not just in downtown, but also the neighbourhoods within the country. Los Angeles residents refuse to support public transportation. Also car parks are ridiculously huge. The reason why I prefer public transportation because it cuts down carbon emissions and reduces risks of pollution. I lived in Pomona for 6 years. I hated there. Diamond Bar, Walnut, Rowland Heights, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Alhambra. I don’t give a shit of these places. Many of Asian businesses are closed or sold. I lost respect for them. Los Angeles County also have bad neighbourhoods because of gun violence. I won’t visit UCLA, and I won’t visit USC either. I know they’re both top schools in California, but I won’t take chances of trying to go there. Forgive me students and alumni of UCLA, USC, Cal Poly Pomona, CalTech, Cal State Long Beach and all of their other universities in LA County. I already put Pomona behind me. I am an alumni of Cal Poly Pomona, afterwards, I decided not to visit the campus for any reason. My time there is already done. So I won’t relocate to Los Angeles. To current residents of LA County, I have one last thing to mention, I’m done.

Michele Marie says:

Great list! I also recommend checking out the rotating bar on the 35th floor of the Bonaventure hotel.

Luis Antonio says:

Suck my cock NY


Hey can u do a video on riverside?

Howard Rodriguez says:

Damn born and raised here and didn’t know some of these spots got to go hit some of these spots when I go back

ndevelopment2010 says:

good review! gotta include howlin rays in china town too!

Douglas Musya says:

i Heart Cali.

Edwin S says:

Excelent work man,TY!

joão fernando says:

wurstkuche is great, one of the few places in LA where they pour the beer the right way, with a creamy head of foam and with balanced diluted carbonic gas. The german-czech way. Most craft breweries will pour you a beer with no head of foam and with so many bubbles it looks like a soda. Thats depressing to watch and unpleasant to drink.

kmv7789 says:

This was awesome! Thank you!

Noneya Bidness says:

I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life and haven’t been to most of these. Thank you!

amy gomez says:

one of the best videos I’ve found so far

張鈞翔 says:

Thanks for the informations SUBSCRIBED!!!

Ctrl1u says:


Elijah Mackey says:

You did an awesome job in this video. Inspired to get out and see more of DTLA.

Rakha Kusuma says:

i see prince, i like

Freddy Medina says:

At 8:10 the building with the orange tiles. In The center is that Beverly Hills high school?

joão fernando says:

OUE sky is great. Beautiful sunset.

Steve Birks says:

…Yes you have done more touristy vids ! Thankyou for this really informative imformation ! – Ha you know what I mean ! – Those snippets of film that really make you want to visit these spots even more – Thankyou once again Steve B – England

cisseakwa says:


D M says:

I would also include 350 S. Grand (California Plaza), accross the Wells Fargo building. I landed my first job out of college there with Merrill Lynch. In sum, there is a plaza in the middle of two buildings (with fountains) where you have free music events going on almost weekly. You can catch some Jazz, Arab music, Flamenco, etc. The ole’ L.A weekly used to publish the free event schedule. Check it out.

Nina Beier says:

Thanks for that video, it’s very helpful for planning our trip to L.A.! 🙂 Keep on going!

Jenn Rios says:

I’ve lived here my whole life and learned so much for this video.

Bong Bong says:

All this people that left LA and California for Texas are missing a lot. They claim Texas is way better.

Cindy Phan says:

I have to sign in just to give you a compliment. I love how you presented attractions close to each other so that visitors can save a lot of time to arrange a tour. Really appreciate your work. I hope you will keep it up. Thank you so much.

Tim Taylor says:

Thanks for this video, it was awesome to watch and I got a few more stops added to my list of things to see.

Mia Roberts says:

Awesome video ❤️

Psyche says:

I highly recommend going to Clifton’s Cafeteria, it’s really nice and it’s also a bar/club at night, free entry but to dress nicely for it. They also have small performances as well and themed dance rooms. It is by far my favorite bar to go in LA.

Karon Hamilton says:

cool video! hubby and i are going next week and we will check out a few of these places

Sophia Arias says:

Great video thanks for posting

Erinn Floyd Vlogs says:


Anja Stritz says:

Thank you so much for this great tips. Im from Germany and will visit L.A. for the first time end of april. Im really excited about that and now I have a few wonderful spots to go.

Humble Pie says:

I’m born and raised in LA Southern California area. Downtown LA and Hollywood in the 90’s was mysterious and awesome. No hipsters! , no tourists, no arts district, no grand park, no rise in population. Most of the buildings were old and have not been revamped as they are now. It was a totally different world. Hollywood was the same way. Hollywood had lots of gangs and tons of prostitutes, especially on Santa Monica blvd. I miss the old LA. Even in my early 20’s between 2001-2005 certain bars where hidden, you really had to know which bars were fun to go and explore. Watch the 1996 movie ” Swingers”. I had my fun here in Southern California especially in LA area. I’m hoping to leave soon.

Ehtesham Shaikh says:

All these recommendations are lazy af, best way to gain weight

Barney B rebel says:

Who the fuk goes to a museum

Erling Vestnes says:

Going to visit for the first time in February 2019. This gave me sooo many good tips! Thx!

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