8 Things NOT to Do in Los Angeles

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#1 Don’t Book a Flight to LAX
Avoid the crowds at LAX by flying instead to Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport. It’s far easier to navigate and is less crowded and has a direct rail connection to downtown Los Angeles.

#2 Don’t get stuck in a queue at Pink’s
Unless you enjoy tediously long waits and mediocre grub, be like those in the know and track down the nearest food trucks on Twitter.

#3 Don’t Jaywalk
The city is notorious for its jaywalking tickets, and even celebs aren’t impervious to it. Just follow the crosswalk signals and be vigilant.

#4 Don’t take a Hollywood star home tour
Unless you’re into well manicured lawns or tall gates, a lot of celebrities don’t even live in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. You’re more likely to see a celeb in one of the locally owned restaurants or independent shops.

#5 Don’t walk to the Hollywood Sign
Even after you’ve made the climb, you won’t get within 20 feet of the sign because of security and preservation measures. Instead: See it from further away. One of the best spots to view the sign can be found along Beachwood Canyon Drive.

#6 Don’t go to the sunset strip during the day
During the day, the Sunset Strip is just another line of cafes and shops. It’s after the “sun sets” that it comes alive!

#7 Don’t bother with Venice Beach Boardwalk
Yes it’s known mostly for its interesting inhabitants who stroll the boardwalk along Ocean Front Walk but it’s also usually very crowded, especially on weekends, where you’ll have to move with the speed of the crowd in order to walk down the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

#8 Don’t go to Hollywood and Highland”
It’s like the times square of L.A., and therefore a huge tourist trap! Everyone will try to sell you something on the street, and even Spiderman will ask for money to take a photo with him.


Tavros Nitram says:

“less crowded” HA
nothing but lines EVERYWHERE, just go to pinks. not nearly as good as carneys though
dont jaywalk anywhere?
take a tour if you want, everyone lives everywhere
take a hike if you want, the fences have been there for a while, be glad youre even able to get that close still
this one is actually true
haha that place is actually fun to people watch in, visitor discretion is advised
based on this list just dont ever go to L.A., its not very fun, it could be, but its very idolized

Mauro Perez says:

Dont go to south central

kblitz21 says:

I went to LA from March 22 2018 till April 2. Most of your list “not to do” is bs.
1. LAX was not bad at all. I arrived and departed from terminal B, it was not bad and the baggage claiming was quick. Also, shutter buses to the car rental and hotel are available and it’s free!

2. Hollywood and highland was worth going and it was great.

3. I did the Hollywood sign hike and it was not bad. If you hike to the front of the sign trail, you get a better view. But go all the way to the top pass the sign. You see a beautiful 360 view.

4. I have to agree with the Sunset strip. It’s better during the night.

5. Venice was worth going and it was not bad. I did not see it during the tourist season. But other videos I seen, it’s worth going.

Edgar De Luna says:


S Squad says:

Rule number 1 don’t go south central LA lol

Abdul muizz says:

I want to know Las Vegas because o love Las Vegas

Raul Perez says:

So clearly you’re stupid, when you visit LA it’s not about avoiding crowds, it’s about getting to know the city and sometimes you have to know that THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS WOLRD

lekkere pizza goed says:

another thing do not act that there is a earthquake going on and dont make Jokes about san Andreas and earthquake

Bat Turner says:

My trip to L.A. started with flying into LAX. It was quite easy to navigate. From there right near by I had a double double animal style from in-n-out. Totally worth the trip to LAX. Sunset strip is stunning by night, but quit beautiful by day as well. Mel’s Drive in is a great breakfast spot. Venice Beach boardwalk on a Monday, in September is the opposite of crowded…and the home of Venice Ale House. The best Burger I’ve ever had. Not to mention skateboard beer flights. Something you should absolutely do in L.A. don’t hike to the Hollywood sign? Because exercise is bad? Or you just hate the spectacular views of Los Angeles on the way up??? I’m surprised you didn’t tell people to avoid Rodeo Drive, or skip Santa Monica Pier…why not tell people to avoid La Brea Tar Pits and Griffith Observatory as well?

Jakob Norris says:

Its impossible to get an airplane ticket to other airports in LA than LAX, when flying from a european country besides its the international airport, im pretty sure as a tourist you have to go thru lax.

LMAO skip the hike simply because you cant stand 20 feet near the sign? the hike is much more than just a walk to the sign.

Gevin Vardanyan says:

Which European tourist is going to be pleased with sticky tables over priced garbage restaurants , water they cant swim & sites and sounds not exactly fit for the family or even romantic aside from the sunset you can get at any beach. IF you do think Venice is “AMAZING” You really need to get out more often.

Gevin Vardanyan says:

Mostly spot on

djlowtek says:

You don’t know shit. This info is wrong.

KennyPowers says:

Burbank Airport ? Are you serious? Lmfao….. the airport is only stationed in California, Utah, Washington, Texas, Colorado and Arizona….. pretty inconvenient when your not living in any of those states…

Weiße Bahn says:

They can’t even pronounce Los Angeles right, ffs! What a garbage video.

Dreamville says:

these guys are annoying

flip1sba says:

I like Pink’s Hotdogs!

Nora Dyer says:

Vancouver BC

Alyssa O says:

1. Burbank is a small airport and is sometimes more expensive, we usually fly out and into LAX, for me, it is not to crazy.
2. I guess, never been to pinks, but you have to wait in long lines in the city, you just have to be used to that, even as a local.
3. People Jay walk all the time, never seen one get ticketed, just make sure there is no police around, although i still recommend a cross walk though, a lot less anxiety or being killed by a car.
4. I agree. Although celeb sightings are still not common either way. I live near where the Kardashians live and I have only seen them once, I have lived here 14 years (my whole life). My parents have also only seen them once.
5. It’s for the experience. Other than the sign, there is also great views and it is a lovely hike.
6. Why you hating on the cafes and shops, personally, there are a few great ones, anywhere you go.
7. It can be rather busy at times, but it is like that everywhere in every major city. For the beach, go to a quieter one, but for the environment and anything other than the beach, it is worth the crowd.
8. f you go to LA you need to be comfortable turning down people’s sales and the crowds. Don’t let that stuff drag you away from this place.

I live in an LA suburb (still part of LA city), but we go to downtown, central, Glendale, etc. pretty often, that are great weekend trips.

TheTon1789 says:

I don’t agree with the Venice Beach one, I really enjoy Venice beach as a local SoCal resident.

anderson santana says:

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coin74 says:

You 2 idiots know nothing about LA

Lumpy Space Princess says:

Stop saying Los Angeleeeees. It’s LA or Los Angeles.

GoCrazyDontMindIfIDo says:

Fly to Ontario Airport in San Bernardino County and take the Metrolink train to Union Station in DTLA. It’s a longer ride but it’s so much less congested.

Sara Durmaz says:

Thanks for the tips guys! I‘m in LA for a month now 🙂

Fritolaysandapplesauce says:

Fly to Lax, it’s not as hard as you think. Enjoy your time wait in lines. Visit Venice beach it’s amazing. Go where you want, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Joseph Pomee says:

they never said i couldn’t go to compton sooo…


Lax is the best

Tex Hammond says:

I have a WAY more simple list!

1. L.A is not for you if you think these guys tips are *GOOD.*

good boy says:

Is it safe to visit compton

A Cure For Wellness says:

Also LAX is just like any other big airport. Don’t fly into Burbank. That’s further away from the best parts of LA.

Galliano Marr says:

So what if you have to fly to LAX airport, any helpful wisdom? How do I get to the shuttles? Is it dangerous to drive in Los Angeles?

Arran McKinlay says:

FFS I’ll just cancel my trip to LA then… You guys are absolutely no fun.

RevMatchTV says:

Interesting tips and most of them are complete BS. I live in LA. The Venice Boardwalk is awesome fun. If you’re flying Internationally, you’re going to fly into LAX and then wait around another 2 hours to catch a 10 minute flight to Bob Hope airport? makes no sense at all.

Mike Someone says:

Lol LA is fucking huge and the whole urban complex is even bigger. How many hours does it take to go to each sight???

Aalihte says:

if you must LAX, use the Van Nuys flyaway. also museums around LA are free on various Tuesdays.

X3DN says:

i live so close to the sign

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