A NEW YORKER IN LOS ANGELES | My first time in California! – Travel Vlog

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Explore Los Angeles California with me for the first time! Yes, this is this New Yorkers’ first time in the West coast! Ahh!

WHAT DID I MISS IN LA !? For the next time I go back…. where is my must go places ??

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Places in LA I visited:
Marina del Rey
The Grove
Hollywood Boulevard

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Jenna McCloy says:

I’ve been watching LA travel vlogs all night because I’m going to california for the first time in two weeks!!!! I’m so so so excited

Quick Quesswho says:

Did you have bypass eyelid surgery?

Whoever Me says:

4:20 singer


is it a thing with vloggers and reenacting entering hotel rooms for the first time? (camera shot was from the inside)

Daniela Webster says:

Your lips are so pretty!!!

classclown55210 says:

I’m from Connecticut and I’ve never been to California

marinabee says:

You totally deserve this opportunity! I wish i would have seen you when you were here!

Sean J says:

America has nothing to see, nothing to do. Europe is where it’s at.

MK Flav says:

Cali or NY ?

D Lish says:

Howcome you don’t have a New York accent? 🙂

Gianna Evans says:

@4;15 did anyone else see that person fall

Oliver Egan says:

i live in LA right now. honestly when you visit, visit shortly because traffic there will take up so much of a long trip

mr trololol says:


Nichole T says:

you go girl

Brace Brooks says:

I’m from Chicago (live in the suburbs of it now) but I loved this video, and glad you had the opportunity to go there and enjoy yourself even though it was just for 2 days. I wanna re-visit L.A, I haven’t been there since I was 13. I’m 27 now and wanna see Hollywood Boulevard and downtown Los Angeles for the 1st time in my life. I don’t want to go alone though + I need a lot more $ for that. Great video and I hope you get to travel to more places you want to go

Louis Y says:

If you travel more than 2 airports a year and not flying business, you really should join priority lounge.. so you can have better space and some foods…

LoveLaRieXO says:


Lived in cali for 6 years….so beautiful.

East coast, NYC, living now.

Mike Graham says:

i’m from LA, did you try Mexican food

KiwiKari says:

Hey hey
Loved the video!
May I ask what dance track is that?

Twilightchic143 says:

Enjoyed watching it vlog YanYi!! Glad you were able to hit up a few places while you were here. Hope to meet you next town your in town xoxo

Israel Cuandon says:

Fucking music by leo messi skill

Unconforming Truther says:

Look at the Asian cutie 🙂

Courtney Johnson says:

This vlog has inspired me to travel to LA all by myself , just for a weekend lol

Jacob eguia says:

Man hopefully I have some fun my first trip

Kal El says:

Just found you by chance — to answer your question you didn’t do LA justice, even taking into consideration the limited time. should have titled it “Street Performers of LA” — On the bright side the quality of the video/sound is amazing and your personality is pleasant. I’ll check out more video’s later.

Marisa Stark says:

How come everybody goes to LA there is so much more to California

Megan Ligas says:

you were so close to my university ahh wish I saw you! love this vlog

Mohamed Hassan says:

What ray ban model are your glasses? 🙂


New Subby/ new Vlogger here…
Love the vlog…
I forget that some people aren’t from California…
glad you had a good time…

mommytipsbycole says:

What an incredible opportunity mama! So proud of all that u continue to achieve!!! Miss seeing u!!!

jonathan hernandez says:

From LA in a town called Highland park

Dianne Oh says:

I’m from Hawaii! Please come to visit! If you ever need help getting around or finding a place to stay or getting recommendations for places to go, please let me know! I love your vids so much, it’d be great to meet you. ALOHA <3

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