How Expensive is LOS ANGELES, California? & Tour of Hollywood

In this video I walk around Venice Beach and Hollywood and show how much things cost in Los Angeles, California.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

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Intro song: “Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma
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Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

How Expensive is LOS ANGELES, California? & Tour of Hollywood


George says:

i really enjoy your videos. could you please do a video sharing your thougth about travel hacking l, how to do it and gathering frequent flyer mile.?

UZIMike ! says:


FOTZEL says:


JustGoBrandon says:

Good stuff. I’m flying to L.A. tomorrow. Just a question, do you ever use AirBnB? I love hostels too, but recently started using AirBnB. I Find it comparable in price and a lot more comfortable too.

Dieter Fischer says:

In Germany you get a even more bigger Shawarma for 3,50 € to 4,00 € freaking expensive :D.

Alejandro Cespedes says:

What is the name of the hostel you stayed in?

Juan Rodriguez says:

The bus fare in San Francisco is $2.25. Living in San Francisco Bay Area is far more expensive then LA. Guaranteed.

Orin Davenport says:

Wow, wouldnt be surprised if it cost to walk and breathe around there.

Joseph Ramirez says:

Gabe what places have you been where many people were unfriendly/cranky? And the places with the most kind/genuine/friendly people?

chosenone4447 says:

I cant find that video of you and Abe swinging around on those rings in Santa Monica. Would be cool if you could put a link for me. Did you also climb up those ropes?

AV39 says:

Haha, I was in the same hostel room a few months ago, it reminds me good stuff!
Many people gathered at night in the lounge before going out. We’ve been about 20 to get to a bar! xD

The hostel is very well located for beach stuff but it’s tricky to see a lot of the city without a car… it’s L.A.

Anyway nice vid!

bumzilla 85 says:

just in time il be there for a few days staying venice beach and this englishmn wants to go to pinks hotdogs. and randys donuts..hopefully the buses are good..good pub scene i hope

Jr S says:

Great vid once again thanks Gabriel LA California Hollywood Venice Awesome memories 🙂

TheAdventurousVlogger says:

will be in the area in 5 weeks gabe,good video to help me out

Dean Winchester says:

How is the weather n February, can you wear a t shirt and shorts or need a jacket?

OMEGA Panda says:

nice videos!

lteran90 says:

But…aren’t you from California though? lol Love your vids though!

fan of fnaf1234 2004 says:

yeah like everything is expensive in california

Mike West says:

My family and I went to L.A. during Christmas time we enjoyed it took the Hollywood tour bus went Disney land and universal studios those place are expensive

Hood Archie says:

Damn im from asia and i want to live in LA for like 5 months

The MasterPlan says:

in that moment when you were drinking a soda , you would get a glass of chicha morada .

ChainedCrows says:

hey gabe ive herad from friends in venic beach that is not safe to be out when it get dark i live in LA too but downtown
Be safe and enjoy this scum that is Los Angeles

Dylan de guchi says:

Did he actually say how much that shwarma was?

Hatim Radiowaala says:

Hi Gabriel Traveler which is better to live and be happy San Francisco or Los Angles


Good vid idea. I’ve never paid that much for a hostel tho dang- it’s that about average price?

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