Justin Bieber makes fun of paparazzi in Los Angeles, Ca

Justin Bieber


Abraham Dacosta says:

Damn blackberry actually has good camera quality

Dillon M says:

1:09 *Thank you Justin*

Defend person who being honest says:

Now,he can calm down..Not like before,he stressed so much..Have a nice day justin..

Myo Myat Mg says:

Stupid justin bieber

Huge Fan says:

“FUCK” : 0:58 The paparazzi guy probably thought Justin was gonna hurt him… Because I thought Justin was gonna run up and hut him.. Anyone else? No? Just me? Ok

Nick Gordon says:

He did not want to answer the question

Elder Banter says:

Gay piece of shite I hate this gay mother fucker

Good Boy says:

He stepped in something.

MGK says:

This gold

Fugazi World says:

pSNY Sweater

Kenj Perez says:

hes got bulge in it

Max Hudson says:

WHY did he start running and jumping towards him?

Scratching Things says:

Guatemala Mexican Andy confirmed

Noor ALI Legend says:

Justin just wonders about I think he didn’t made fun of the paparazzi

BMVS says:

Justin didn’t even answer his questions and he looks like a condom

Max Hudson says:

Looked like justin was about to step this paparazzi out

Geo_ ztigma says:

That little skip says it all… he is as happy as a kid in candy land

Violet101 says:

Good job Justin

Ariola Granola says:

“your fans wanna know are you dating selena or no” we don’t care

Jordan Espinoza says:


Calum O'Hanlon says:

I feel bad for the paparazzi man

Brandon says:

I thought he was gonna beat him up

Karl Pakke says:

Poor Camera guy

cactus wolf says:

Lmao bruhhhh

blue candyfloss says:

That is not Justin

whatever r says:

That emoji sticker on his car tho

Nicolas G. says:

Victim of the unwanted fame

TurtLe says:

xD he is distracting him xD

SomeOrdinaryKid says:

watch Justin run over his leg

Vikin Go says:

Lowlife scum specs.. Cancer.

Diego Ramirez says:

Justin is actually right to ignore him. He kept asking how many years. He didn’t answer

MrCloz97 says:

Cocky mother fucker bieber is

Elaiza Cajote says:

I love jb but that was very rude………

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