LA Food Guide – 15 Must Hit Places to Eat in Los Angeles

I travel the world on my stomach…and LaLaLand has some of the best offerings of any city in the states. So come with me as I show you 15 of my personal favorite places in LA to feed your face-place.

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Casual / Cheap Eats

1) Guerrilla Tacos
Location Changes Daily

2) El Chato Taco Truck
Corner of Olympic & La Brea
(Miracle Mile)

3) Guelaguetza
3014 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

4) Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

5) Langer’s Deli
704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057
(MacArthur Park)

6) Porto’s Bakery & Cafe
315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

7) Natas Pastries
13317 Ventura Blvd #D, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(Sherman Oaks)

8) Farmers Market
6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(The Grove)

9) Night + Market (Song)
3322 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(Silver Lake)
2nd location:
9043 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
(West Hollywood)

Mid-Range (Hipster Attire Recommended but not Required)

10) Soot Bull Jeep
3136 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

11) Jitlada
5233 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(Thai Town)

12) Sugarfish
Multiple Locations

13) Animal
435 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Fancypants

14) Petit Trois
718 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

15) Bestia
2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Special Thanks to:
Chris Laxamana (Co-host/producer)
Adam Katzner (camera work/DP)
David Katzner (Producer)
Bryan Steele (Producer)
(Aerial footage by Chris Laxamana)


Christopher Pazen says:

That sauce sounds delicious

charly yoo says:

LA Is definitely the absolute #1 US city when it comes to Korean BBQ

sniper zeroeight says:

Great documentation! This video just pulled the trigger why I should book my tickets right now! Thanks man!! More power!

WildCard Journeys says:

Dude, awesome-est video! I live here and didn’t know about 80% of these places! Subscribed!

Gregory Adkins says:

One of the best places in the country to get some of the BEST FOOD?,you’re definitely easy to please.LA is so-so(in my opinion)Compared To New York City,it’s no contest,it’s like comparing a(Ferrari,New York)To a(Yugo,Los Angeles)

Jose Alonso says:

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is not in this list. Come on man!!!!

The Wrap Starz says:

The Dirt Dog, Yang Chow….

Omar Gonzalez says:

Beautiful! Beautiful! Love this guy.

Italy Beauty says:


Jimmy P says:

LA is an amazing city! I’ve visited some of these places and the food is so good.

Chris Rowe says:


Schwarzer says:

I take living in L.A for granted, these foods look delicious

EverythangDope YupYup says:

You are a wanna be hipster douche bag what are you talking about

Tubebrerry says:

Your sexual comparisons for the food are just trying too hard. Not only are they hackneyed but they’re distracting and even creepy. Just talk about the food as food without forcing your viewers to visualize you naked and worse.

Norman Grant says:

Why the mexicans dominated California???
Build the wall Mr. Trump!!

I Wish I Was Died says:

Finally someone else who likes tacos de lengua! All my Mexican friends clown me by saying it’s one of the worst options you could order, but it will forever be my go to.

Zoddddd says:

Who the hell would want to go to LA in the first place?

msjinabina says:

Impressed by your list – good job

Jen C says:

Which Sugarfish did you go to in this video?

Fire Nation Files says:


The Chronicles of Geneviever says:


My Life As I know it! Desiree Roldan says:

That was great thx


$20 for 3 tacos at gorilla taco

Dan Le says:

OMG go somewhere that hasn’t been talked about….already been to all those places along time ago…you’re way to late

Sans Yo says:

terrible photography. Close ups are too close.

diamondrmp says:

Interesting how you stayed in the white and asian parts of town. There are places in South Central Los Angeles, Carson, Culver City that are great. SMH

dnycpro says:

jim carey + chandler

Johnny Bravo says:

You need so many more views, especially this video you did such a great job!! Inspiriring.

saigonbond says:

Mexican, Korean, and Vietnamese food in LA. Don’t waste your time & dime on anything else.

patrick beier says:

In LA and O. C. If you eat out allot it can actually be difficult to eat something OTHER than tacos and Korean BBQ.

My Life As I know it! Desiree Roldan says:

Cant forget Chinatown, and olvera street

Edward Navoy says:

So I guess if you want east European food in LA you are screwed.

Christy Cheray says:

I love Del Taco.

blackknothing says:

HQ, fresh, cool video and awesome food! keep moving bro!

David Foo says:


rm brooklyn says:

I love the quality of your vids but if you went to LA an didn’t have a taco with a fried corn tortilla you missed out.

John Hernandez says:

Very disrespectful when that guy said it was barely better then taco bell

Mike Arredondo says:

U missed
in&out $
Versailles $$
The bazar $$$$
Just my take as an Angeleno thanks for the spot light on my city

Ethan Hoback says:

I’m moving there when I’m older.

salty roe says:

Yes to Lancers .

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