Los Angeles♡: Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu | California Travel tour

Los Angeles: A lifestyle. Where the mountains meet the sea. Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, Long Beach, Pasadena…♡


Farhan Farhan says:


Jana Milijič says:

Could someone tell me what place is at 5:18 – 5:28 ?

Gradi3nt says:

Thank you for the experience amigo!
Where are you from?
I want to start learning Spanish! )

Happiko Desu says:

jfc two different songs at the same time

Firetexx says:

Me senti no GTA kkkk

Mike Zeedan says:

God loves you! God made the world for you, please turn to Him!

Farhan Farhan says:


gman 94 says:

my dream to live in L.A. freakin live in boring ass Texas.

primetime jay says:

haha I like an hour away from LA. I can go whenever I want

jesús alejandro rojas says:

hello I am Jesús Alejandro Rojas Rodriguez y I am Venezuela

Sierra Miranda says:

Why are most of city and state names in the US in Spanish/Latin?
I’m from the UK just wondering

isj says:

Cute couple. Cheers bro

Ricardito Elorza says:

And I went to sleep

jatin singh says:

The music ruined your whole video… I mean don’t you have any sense of picking out music for such a video

Ricardito Elorza says:

I have been there with my family

aqua minerale says:

Please, song???

shawn draconis says:

0:33 Amazing that a Ferrari like that is not equipped with turn signals. At least the driver was courteous enough to repeatedly step on his brakes while changing lanes.

Ivan Drago says:

it’s all bull shit nothing to do just walk eat drink alcohol boring

Best Boudoir LA says:

So fun! Love the PCH footage!

searaydrivingguy says:

i live 1100 miles away but i make the trip every year sometimes twice a year i take my 40 foot winnebago i go for 2 weeks it is a dream trip every time

el Rlokito says:

los angeles

Eduardo Viniccius says:

Feeling like in GTA

B R Y A N says:

imma go soon. bored or vegas

Frank T says:

The driver is cute 🙂 The scenery is wonderful !

semen demon says:

The guy behind the wheel is so cringe inducing.

isj says:

Nice video. At beginning I thought it was mission impossible 5 because of the music

nam california says:

These are the main beaches for everyone and all of us can come at anytime. I do not go to these areas. Check it out my (Southern CA Secret Beaches in Orange County )with Natures , warm water temp. Not easy to get to those points, way much better than Hawaii beaches

Ridhaa Remtulla says:

Would love it if you could check out my LA vid! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tja25faIlao&app=desktop

6digit says:

may I know the title of that background music

Maria Rnk says:

I’m from Greece, which is a beautiful country, but omg I want to live there so bad

David Skate Florez says:

city perfect

IHazABuckets says:

I really want to visit Miama and LA but idk which to choose 😛

Rafaela Oliveira says:

I’d like to know L.A. I’m tired to live in Brazil.

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