Los Angeles, California Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a leading world centaer of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, and education.
The most important places to visit in Los Angeles are: Los Angeles Downtown (although Los Angeles attractions are spread over a large area, the city is architecturally diverse Downtown is a thriving urban center), Venice Beach (experience the colorful lifestyle of the West Coast on the Venice Beach, Boardwalk. Here, you will find a festive atmosphere, eclectic entertainers and funky shops), Santa Monica Pier (by the scene at Santa Monica Beach, is the famous Pier with a perennial carnival like setting. Draws locals, as well as visitors from around the world), Hollywood (everyone knows about Hollywood and you have got to visit the Hollywood sign, when in Los Angeles), Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood celebrates it’s contribution to entertainment through these celebrity stars), Griffith Observatory (located in Griffith Park on Mt. Hollywood, this great public observatory has state of the art facilities and excellent views of Los Angeles), Rodeo Drive (if you are a shopping buff, you will love Rodeo Drive. A glamorous shopping District, Rodeo Drive is full of upscale and fashionable shops), Beverly Hills (take a walk around, you might even spot a celebrity in this neighborhood).
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Naveen Chawla says:

hello sexy ladies

Hoa Lam says:

VN very stupid when obey communist wepout US now rethink is very late

Google Pixel Cop says:

I hope I go there when I will work for Google.

karim hari says:

movie falling down hahahaha

UchihaDestiny09 says:

I Love You Los Angeles, California 😀 ^_^

jr coil says:

dont move to l.a arizona is better l.a is bad and ghetto lots of bad stuff arizona is peacfull and warm

top 10 says:

Im in California

Davion Williams says:

looking at LA make want to pack my stuff up and leave tomorrow morning i mean its beautiful out there i will go there and have a better life and ENJOY L.A. I CANT WAIT INTILL I GET OUT THERE DANG IT ITS BEAUTIFUL.

Mahede Hasan says:

one of my fvrt city in usa

Jose Luis Gallardo says:

LA… I will be there someday! <3

The tim and angel show Funny says:

Lol nice

Ahtisham Haider says:

Good video

mwood1012 says:

Born & raised here, a career in film & tv, naturally I have my biases… traveled abroad & spent a total of 8 years living in other states & regions of the country. There’s just no place like it… January thru December you can walk down to the beach or local coffeehouse in shorts & sandals… and it just never gets old or boring, no matter what your favorite thing to do may be… L.A. welcomes you & dares you to dream… so co come one, come all! LTD in LA!

some guy says:

Went here on new year’s eve.. definitely a one of a kind experience

Mere Flores says:

I like placita Olvera

Domo says:

The historical book collection at the Getty Center is a must see. Take a drive on Pacific Coast Highway and stop at all the various beach cities. You will like the drive.

Vikas Shinde says:

I like so very much Los Angeles

Sakshi Dalvi says:

i live to calefornia

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Tyrone Smith says:

Worst vacation I ever took was to California.

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I love that city, specially Glendale!

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Can you please make a video about north Carolina

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Dubai is the king of cities

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Talk about the traffic and crime.

john johnson says:

I live 8 hours away .from LA no one ever wants to go with me.

Andy Ch says:

Los Ángeles que guayy♡♡ Me encantaaa ufffff mi sueñooo♡♡

Michael Miller says:

I’m from L.A

rj the assassin says:

i live there

Anthony Henderson says:

Los Angeles
Spanish for the angels is one of the most popular cities in america.this is the city of entertainment, media,beautiful beaches, culture, sports and education.It’s known for having warm temperatures,lots of delicious food options and several job opportunities.From sports teams like the Lakers to the dodgers to the Hollywood Sign,Griffith Observatory, to interacting with mickey and friends at Disneyland.Films such as White Men Can’t Jump, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Straight Outta Compton to Boyz In Da Hood.

Nikita Jain says:

One day I will go los Angeles with my husband

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I will surely go to l.A

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Across the st from union station . Twin towers aka LA county jail

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