Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona – 1 Day Road Trip

This road trip covers the 8-hour drive from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona. Along the way, we visit everything from the Salton Sea to the Yuma Territorial Prison. If you are taking this drive consider visiting some of the spots in this video and let me know what your favorite spot is in the comments.

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Spots we visited:
1. Cabazon Dinosaurs
2. TKB Bakery
3. Salton Sea State Park
4. Salvation Mountain
5. Unofficial Center of the World
6. Yuma Territorial Prison
7. Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm
8. Saguaro National Park

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Lakey Inspired


Travel Small Live Big says:

You covered a lot of ground and cool places in one day! Love your lazy co-worker and the fact that your dad, who is probably my age, does *not* know Journey (a favorite band from way back). Awesome video!!!

Violet BF says:

Loved it!!!

JRPetruk says:

OK, CA. You’re good on your home turf. But AZ is MINE! The East Saguaro National Park is smaller, but has much more biodiversity. The Rincon Mountains provide elevation changes so if you are a hiker (and I mean a REAL hiker), I think you’d enjoy the east more. On the other hand the west has (1) the world renowned Arizona Sonora Desert Museum – a MUST SEE, and (2) better camping facilities. Regardless, your videos are the best. Keep it up.

Uday Eega says:

What do your father do ? I mean profession ?

Arbitrary Exploration says:

Salvation Mountain is really cool!

TAI SEO says:

Your video is awesome! We wish to see more like this in the future. Thank You!

Zac Linton says:

Amazing video. Love the Salvation Mountain plug and cool to see you hanging out with your Dad on all this. What every guy wants!

David G. says:

Number 17 to like : D

Angel La Canfora says:

You’re very brave to consume the Trump sandwich as its been known to cause ignorance, racism and an urge lie pathologically.

Tommy Rasmussen says:

Love your vidz. Thanks!!!

Ian Mandel says:

Wow , what an awesome 1 dayer adventure with your dad !! Amazing you fit this whole day in a 5 min Awesome vid.. Great Editing as always !

David G. says:

Son and Father Trip! Two Thumbs up if I could

Edmond Edralin says:

Dope vid! I always wanted to visit the salvation mountain!

ferris bueller says:

these stops are all on my bucket list!

Peanut Turner says:

Awesome video mate!! Super cool to see your Dad on the channel 🙂 I took my parents on a similar road trip a few years back, their first ever trip to the USA! The videos are on my channel if you’re curious 🙂

toshibavoodoo says:

ROAD TRIPS, are my THING!! Great video! Planning a PCH 1, and Utah National Park trips this summer!
Your missing a convertible! Love my MX5, cramped but always fun.

Moab Vozz says:

These sunset colours ins the desert are breath taking! Very nice videos.

Brent Shepherd says:

Great job. You’ve really hit your stride with these videos!

Gary Bryant says:

Another great video, you rock!

Richard G Lewis says:


rudy c says:

LMAO at Not Dad!!!!

Richard G Lewis says:

Can get enough of your vids

fightnight14 says:

Picture quality is insane

Speedy says:

Is salvation mountain from the movie: into the wild

David Cussins says:

From L.A. to Tuscon, I will take the “Phoenix cut-off” and stop in Gila Bend. Fun pix!

judith demers says:

thank you i enjoyed SALTON SEA as i have not been able to do that but wanted to.

signalsyyz says:

Awesome….loved that….thanks !

grant bevill says:

Great Job Josh!!! Next time maybe Dad could do/say more? He is a funny guy and has lots of good insights espesially about music like “Don’t Stop Believing” or at least he could hold the camera for you. Love you guys, and all your stuff and happy fathers day to the big dog!!!

Mrflufay says:

*sniffle* I miss tucson and the bahidaj fruit

Jina Ahn says:

Nice! Like your channel!
Thanks for sharing 🙂

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