Los Angeles Travel: 8 things you must do when you visit LA

Let me show you the 8 must do things you need to do when you visit LA (Los Angeles, California) and give you all the details on them. You can fit all 8 of them in within a day.

Take a look at my blog on how to get the best pictures of The Hollywood Sign here:

1. Get the best picture of the Hollywood sign – the location for GPS is 8000 Mulholland Hwy

2. Hike to the Hollywood sign and get a picture behind it – the location for GPS is 3000 N Beachwood Drive

3. Visit Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive where famous movies Beverly Hills Cop and Pretty Woman were filmed

4. Have Brunch at The Griddle with the most amazing pancakes in LA. http://thegriddlecafe.com/ located at 7916 Sunset Boulevard

5.Visit Downtown LA and see The Disney Concert Hall, the Angels Peak and The Last Bookstore

6. Visit Venice Beach and the iconic Muscle Beach

7. Explore West Hollywood or WeHo and visit bars and restaurants including The Abbey and Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills restaurant Pump

8. Walk up The Hollywood Walk of Fame and get your picture taken with some of the iconic stars as well as The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where the Oscars are held

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Anti- Social says:

Lol I don’t know why I’m watching this i live in la .

Lisa Jones says:

I really liked your clip I’m going to California next month

Matty Meredith says:

Well done! I live in LA and this is good advice

chilenaencalifornia says:

I want to go to Angel Flight now is open again.

Hayden Young says:

Great video man, this was some great information for me. I just moved to LA not too long ago so thank you for that. I’ve already been up to the Hollywood sign and behind it and got some great pictures. Helped a few other people with their pictures too. It’s very pretty up there and a fun hike 🙂

bawain says:

I don’t find it interesting at all… why would I drive and then walk just to take a picture with HOLLYWOOD sign? what a waste of energy ,, no thanx

JaTonna Cowan says:

I’m from la

NaeandNea says:

Great video, found a few ideas that I hadn’t considered!

Kaz Gn says:

The Oscars are actually held at the nearby Dolby Theater (formerly the Kodak). It was actually built for that purpose in mind. Grauman’s DID do a couple of Oscar ceremonies way back in the day! 🙂

Marc de Gat says:

You have given a run down of the most dreaded things to do in LA. and at the same time given incorrect information that could get tourists in trouble. The worst advice was about the Hollywood sign. You should not try to go up to the sign; the residents deserve their peace and privacy and there are fines for those who do not obey the posted restrictions. The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of silly stars that the “stars” have paid for to have people walk over, puke, spit, defecate and ignore. Most of stars are from days gone by so names that have been forgotten and most of them are dirty. Hollywood Blvd is not a glamorous destination. While downtown one should make a visit to Grand Central Market or the Jewelry District or not defunct tram cars. You should have mentioned La Brea Tar Pits, LACMA and MOMA, both Getty museums. What you have suggested is the bottom of the barrel. TSK TSK

Simon Toft says:

This was amazing. Myself and partner are going to L.A. in October for our 1st time and you’ve hit the nail on the head for exactly what we want to do. A clear and simple video with great tips. Thanks so much x

Robbi Robbiano says:

Sanjay Sood-Smith
Thank you – awesome guide you are!

lucasisking says:

Hey mate. Fellow Brit here. Thinking of coming to LA in the summer but will be travelling alone and have never been to US before. Would you still recommend it?

Cade Del Rey says:

Great video!! I would also go to Griffith Park, it’s so beautiful, and you can get some pics from the observatory. I absolutely love LA.

Ridhaa Remtulla says:

I made a holiday film highlighting LA – you might enjoy it! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tja25faIlao&app=desktop

Building Architecturally Tiny says:

3000 Beach View Dr can found …

diwendtorf says:

Thanks so much! Visiting friends in Santa Monica but also trying to hit some sights:)

Al Noviello says:

Nice job. Very well done.

Erik Solorzano says:

Awesome video! I’m going to LA next month and it’s my first time, this was very helpful!

KatiaVB says:

LOVEE this ! I just made a travel vlog on my trip to LA! Would love if you checked it out. It’s my first video

Ria Bebong says:

Hey which one is beter LA or las vegas to celebrate new years eve? Coz im going to USA end of december, thanks


R u Indian by chance??? Ur name???

Karla Schaus says:

This is so helpful, so excited for my trip!!!

Jon Tarrant says:

Really informative video. Thanks

Jennifer Pyles says:

Rodeo Drive made famous by Pretty Woman?? It was famous waaaaayy before that my dear!


What about the hollywood bowl? I heard it was a very nice place…

Lauren Claires says:

We have most beautiful beaches in States

Aleisha B says:

Did you go in February?? If so was it good weather there at that time of month.

ShowLoTime says:

About the hike up to the hollywood sign.. 3000 beachwood dr.. you just parked on the street. And is that exactly where the trail starts?

Phil and Garth says:

Great tips! we want to hike the Hollywood sign next time we’re in LA

Keith Garnett says:

have been to La And San Fransico And San Diego Made It Almost A Month Trip And Still Didnt See Everything . Went To Alcatraz . And Was On The Price Is Right before Bob Barker Retired

kalliopi kaloudi says:

Thank you very much for sharing your joy enthusiasm and love for life !!!!

Shaday Harilela says:

Awesome! So helpful. Do a vid for all the great restaurants in LA!

lar jdan says:

I hope i can take a photo n Hollywood sign like tht .. when i vissit LA on November

Stacy A says:

Is this all doable in one day? I’ll be in LA next week and our flight comes in around 9am. We’re traveling to Oceanside but wanted to show my friends LA the first day and this is the perfect little tour just wondering if we should do everything in this order and if we’d have time for it all if we started that early?

priyanka p Prabha says:

Very useful information… Thank you..

Bill Kahn says:

What’s the name of the street you are diving at 2:13 where the Beverly Hills sign is?

Izziebiz says:

Griffith conservatory has good view of the Hollywood sign

Roderick Long says:

Saying that Rodeo Drive was made famous by “Pretty Woman” is like saying that London was made famous by “Skyfall.”

aljacko1 says:

Going to LA in 2018 this video has given me some great idea so thanks.

Coz I'm weirdo says:

So the gate where you enter doesn’t close? Im aboutta visit LA this weekend

FreeSeoul says:

Wow, this guide was so honest, clear and smooth. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy a guide to LA, but man this was good!

Grzegorz Kowalczyk says:

Hollywood Reservoir is awesome, if you like a bit nature and there is a view on the hollywood sign too.

Jordan Pollack says:

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justmetee says:

Be sure not to engage in conversation with those “Do you like music?” scam artists outside the Chinese Theatre… They ask your name, then scribble it on the top of a CD (which supposedly contains great tunes from an ‘up and coming’ artist) and then expect you to pay for the privilege…

Anti- Social says:

Also I went to angels flight last month. It was still in operation.

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