Los Angeles Travel Guide

Our Los Angeles travel guide! A big guide for a big city, Los Angeles is truly inspiring. As a native of California, I’m delighted to share Los Angeles with you. P.S. Be sure to watch to the very end for a little surprise…

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We went full Hollywood for our guide to Los Angeles. The food, the stories, the culture, we dip into all of it. Los Angeles has so many angles, ideas, layers that it’s hard to do it justice but we want to show you at least some of what makes Los Angeles such a compelling city.

Thanks to our friends at Six Taste for taking us on our Koreatown food adventure – http://www.sixtaste.com/

LA Hood Life Tours showed us a side of Los Angeles rarely seen by tourists https://www.lahoodlifetours.com

How we film our travel guides – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPFmRWNzG84


pluckernil says:

I drove in L.A. traffic and didn’t think it was nearly as bad as Toronto traffic.

Yana Beranek | Realtor Los Angeles says:

Useful movie

hlazz says:

Cool channel!

Limpuls says:

Do Copenhagen or Stockholm next!

Janos Sario says:

Great channel! Amazing shots & information! Leo’s is the SPOT!

Electrohead92 says:

I love the use of Flying Lotus. Can you guys also do a video about San Francisco and San Diego?

L Harris says:

I did a Hollywood tour at http://www.therichandfamoustours.com and I had a really good time.

thuy nguyen says:

How can I have the sub of your videos?

111danish111 says:

20:08 German national soccer team fans are everywhere .

bigboywasim says:

Amazing video, LA is too big to cover everything but well done. One of the many reasons I love my state so much.

rinwhr says:

Dang no subtitles.

Shalli Luy says:

Thank you very much for making this vlog❤

Tim L says:

If you want to see the historic part of Los Angeles, go see Bradbury Building, Clifton’s Republic, Grand Central Market, Angel’s Flight, and Orpheum Theater. If you feel like climbing the stairs, feel free to do so next to Angel’s Flight and there’s a great view at the top.

simplymaci says:

I’m so impressed by the cinematography, I’m astounded this channel hasn’t even hit 100K

Mr. Gong先生 says:

Another thing I want to clearly
Korean town not Korean..
Chinatown not China
Little Tokyo
Not even can compare with Japan ..
Everyone should try to travel
Not all time enjoy in Korean town

Ortega Peru says:

We’re in Amerika
A guy with a German Nationall football team shirt is right behind you! 😀

keruamg says:

Love the effort put into this video, exceptional!

Dion Riley says:

I have to do the LA Hood Life Hip Hop Tour when I visit

Virgin Atlantic Orlando says:

Great video, such an underrated channel.

joycelyn barrera says:

And another is about to land his aircraft at an airport but can’t choose witch one but is citation x is about to run out of fuel because he’s been in a massive rectangulartraffic pattern

never ron says:

That was the worst introduction of korean food I have ever seen. That stew is not actually that popular in korea and spam is not that big either. “If you hate spam then you are not korean” What? Last time I had spam was like 2 years ago. I don’t know why that korean american lady is saying these stuff or taking you to those kind of places.

567482 inCincy says:

Food-in America, your order will continue to come out of the kitchen until everything is on the table. There are no rules about waiting for all to be finished, or plates are cleared, etc especially at a chain or American fare place

Myleek Rayzer says:

I’m part of that small percentage at 17:10

Dajana S says:

Campton and Korea town? What about everything else?

jamie gillett says:

Tipping in American is up to you but as an Englishman who travels a lot, I struggle to get good service in countries that Americans go to because I won’t tip for everything. If you go to an all incisive holiday resort in Mexico why do you tip every for everything? It’s stupid ……

Paul Williams says:

Why haven’t you been snapped up by a TV network your vids whip everything I have seen !!!!!!! Just the photography of the pigeons swooping was classic but just the overall story telling is magnificent 🙂 Come to Melbourne and show my state government how to promote my state please thanks kind regards Paul

Keith Bloch says:

Big fan of your videos, you should consider Portland, Oregon. Amazing place.

Sockbot27 says:

I see that guy at 1:17 every time I go to Venice haha nice

Matt Z says:

You guys need a huge marketing kickoff.

Trinity says:

Hi, ive done allot of work on this topic and love the presenter of the show. Thank you XXX

Monia OnTheMove says:

yes! I was looking for something like this. I am going to L.A. and I was wondering what could be the best way to visit Compton. Would you suggest to look for a tour guide?

SrilankanTraveler Vlogs says:

one of the best channels. big thumbs up!

John Lester says:

In which district should I stay in if i’m trying to reach all tourist attractions?


wow  awesome

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