Reasons to love Venice Beach, CA ♥ Los Angeles Travel Guide

Hi this is Christine Kaaloa of GRRRLTRAVELER. Today, we’re at Venice Beach, California.


Venice Beach has got it all. You will see everything and anything here. Anything goes.

If there’s one beach that’s got that complete LA Hollywood vibe, Venice Beach is it.

You’ll see strange and weird characters.

To guys working out on the beach.

Skateboarders, Paddle boarders, Musicians, Really eclectic performers and a ton of shopping.

For those who aren’t shy about doing their workout in public. There’s Muscle Beach.


Rent a bike, Segway, tricycle… rollerblades.

If there’s one place to be, Venice Beach is it.

It’s been a long day. I’m ready to go home. I walked a lot and I’m pretty pooped.

Hope you had fun.

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Tony Montano says:

Nice Video! Very Nice!

Barry E says:

Hoodlums, hobos and chinese manufactured Garbage please keep me away from this overcrowded disaster

Jacob Sedrak says:

I have a sagway

Niklas Risano says:

This video is pretty awesome. Keep up the work!
Heres my channel:

Britney Mimi Whazouskii says:

I’m pretty pooped lol ha ha I love this channel already!!

Pin Thespock says:

is it only happening on weekends? can go on weekdays and see this? 🙂 thanks

Nicholas Puente says:

Your lucky you can go there HOPEFULLY when my BEST Friend and I get older we can GO someday, we’re only 12 when we’re 18 we will go, that’s what our plan is well bye hope you enjoy it at VENICE BEACH☺

bignoknow says:

Love you channel!!!

yanni2112 says:

our kids live 4 blocks from there! will be here this Wednesday

Master Lee Mochow says:

Humm, you must have put some kind of spell on your video’s lol I am finding myself becoming addicted to your channel.
Good Job, might i suggest, downtown Disney or Lego land in SD. 

Isn't Thatclo says:

I’m thinking about moving to la in a year or two, where would you recommend that’s cheap and safe from an outsider lol?x

Xhesika Xhesi says:

the guide to watch this video.
1.Play it.

de mun upswing says:

no naked gogo dancers, so I’ll skip VB!

hirejamesrha says:

Great video Christine! I can learn a lot from your techniques and choices. Keep up the great work!

Nuke Jitsu says:

1:14-1:15 hahahahahaha :'(

Natalie Preddie says:

I really like this video. Great shots. Great host…. Here is my Venice Beach video. Definitely taking notes from yours.

9Love291 Venice says:

Gotta love Venice AKA the 9LOVE291!

Ed Agent says:

I’m loving your channel, btw.  Very different in a cool Venice Beach way.

Jose Salazar says:

I love that place I visit the boardwalk five times a year every year for six years now

Ed Agent says:

This beach is nuts!  How long is the boardwalk?

Alex Galvan says:

Ugh……..hate tourist/migraters

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