Surprise! We Went To California | Traveling From Orlando To Los Angeles

In today’s vlog we head to the airport to take a trip to California! This is just our travel day but we’ll have lots of fun vids from the trip coming up! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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Analisa Guerra says:

Yay! Have fun at Disneyland!
I NEED to know what song that was that you used during the flight. Anyone know??

PickleRickGaming says:


sara keeling says:

Zamboni was invented in California by Frank Zamboni! It is the land of zamboni’s 😉

Momma Friendly says:

I love so much how you guys make each other laugh….that whole scene in the middle where you guys are just joking and making each other crack up made my heart happy. You guys are the cutest. 🙂

Bertha Marure says:

I loved seeing L.A. from up high at night. That’s my city! Can’t wait to c upcoming videos

Ryan F says:

So does that mean you will do halloween horror nights in California also

TheSTSgamer 123 says:

I hope I meet yall… nvm I saw the ending

Amanda Butters says:

To let u know that Zamboni where invited in Southern California in 1939

Kimberlee_Tucker says:

In 2014 when leaving MCO, I saw an alligator sunning itself while our plane was waiting to take off

Tom Klock says:

Oops saw these backwards!  Thanks for sharing your trip!

DisenyLover1 says:

Are you guys gonna be going to knotts berry farm as well?

riley payne says:


Tree Annmarie says:

Awesome vlog! Can’t wait!

maryyjanee247 says:

The way those baggage handlers were treating and handling those bags gets me so mad show some respect for other people’s belongings

Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists says:

Also big city airports are the best, they have so much cool stuff in them! They’re like malls and mini-theme parks and airplane houses all in one 🙂

M R says:

Hope you have a great trip !

Olivia's Disneyside says:

tim you MADE my day at 1:05 i laughed for a solid minute because its so true. thats the song from walter mitty. def one of the funniest moments so far in all the years I’ve been watching you

TheBending End says:

Timmmmmmm nooooo i was at la airport because i went to chicago

Michelle Girouard says:

Very cute out-tro!

Manny V says:

I always touch the plane before I get on!

Ashley Wesson says:

so who is watching bean

carrie Sixta says:

lol papyrus

Brooke Clark says:

i don’t know why but when Jen said look at all those chickens cracked me up! lmao

James' Journeys says:

I saw the title and went “yay! they’re in my home town, maybe I’ll see them” but then remembered, I moved to Houston. Ding dang!

MG Epps says:

I hope they went to HHN Hollywood!!

Meredith Wilcox says:

jenn, your editing of the flight is beautiful! i actually got chills when the music and plane sped up for the landing.

Elena Fernanders says:

lmbo at Jenns reaction to the earthquake question!!!

What'sUp WithTheV's says:

You guys are soooo cute & funny. Love you guys!

Candice Higginbotham says:

HAHAHA Love the montage music at 00:58 HAHAHA

Stephen Wentworth says:

Man showing the Orlando Airport made that nostalgia hit me like a truck. but in a really good way

Rebecca Bennett says:

I haven’t laughed this hard at one of your vlogs in a LONG time! Thank you!

B&M Gaming says:

you went out of the same terminal as me

Craycraynerd Girl says:

Wow, when I come from LA to Orlando to hopefully run into you guys, y’all go to my state, #myluck

Mouse Eared World says:

This was so fun to watch, so fun watching you guys joke around and be relaxed traveling. Can’t wait to watch the Disneyland ones!

Frank Origami says:

Anyone know what the montage music song is?

Chris Peters says:

OMG…I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The moment at 0:57. LOL!

Jess E Hooper says:

FYI the Zamboni was invented by an American name Frank J. Zamboni in Paramount, Califonia in 1949!

Liann Burgos says:

Some day Disneyland will happen.

starleet2001 says:

Yes, the Zamboni was invented in Southern California. Frank Zamboni and his brother were in the refrigeration business and then built an ice rink in the 1940s. In 1949 he invented the Zamboni right in Paramount, California. SO, YOU WERE IN THE LAND OF THE ZAMBONIS!

Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists says:

Ah, I could just watch planes taking off and landing for ages, honestly. I know a lot of people hate flying but it’s like my favorite thing, and these are some of my favorite vlogs <3

Sam W says:

Hello. Great video. Can you me the song you used starting at 3:47? Thank you in advance. Sam

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