Things to Do in Los Angeles // 13 Off The Beaten Path Experiences

Here are the top 13 things to do in Los Angeles that are off the beaten path and are unique experiences! I recommend you do ALL of these at some point in your life, but if you only manage to do some then that’s a start.
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There is so much to do in the city of Los Angeles, California BUT everyone always tells you to do the same thing. Go to Hollywood Blvd, do a tour of celebrity homes, visit Santa Monica Pier, see the Hollywood sign, etc. etc. etc.

This video is celebrating the unique experiences that Los Angeles has to offer. There are so many off the beaten path places to go and things to do in Los Angeles. Here are my top 13 off the beaten path things you should try out in Los Angeles: Little Ethiopia / Travel Town / BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir / Murphy Ranch / Santa Monica Bike Rental / Grunion Run / Chinese New Year / Floatation Therapy / Berlin Wall / Dia De Los Muertos / Oktoberfest / The Last Bookstore / Secret Stairs


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CZsWorld says:

Thought you were going to be talking about urbex.

Eugenio Faria says:

Phenomenal video! Following for sure

Cooler25x says:

Great video! I’ve never heard most of the places you mentioned. Very cool. Will definitely check them out on my next visit to LA.

66hiwaypilot says:

i live in canada but i totally love L.A. going to be there for journey/def leppard concert 2018

Graphic Muse says:

I’m looking to go the Murphy Ranch this Friday, but I’ve read they tore it down in 2016, or maybe just part of it? Have you been there recently?

Santiago Ramirez says:

Visiting on September 22nd, but only for 6 days, hopefully I will manage to visit a few of those places.. Nice video 🙂

azzajack says:

Woah! I’ve lived in LA, am Hindu, and didn’t know about that awesome temple!

Salim Hizli says:

Romina hi again, personally question to you;why are you using “RED” pre tag name…?is there any special meaning?

Abby Lyons says:

hey I’m part of your youtube facebook page and your video just popped up through the suggested videos! you’re adorable! also I should def do some of these things haha

Joanne Kieff says:


Josh and Babe says:

Good video with useful information. Nice job. Keep up the good work.

Thor Unleashed says:

Great video!

Noemi Gonzalez says:

Thanks for this vid, definitely gonna check out those places! Could you give me some more info about secret stairs? Where are they?

TheTravelingClatt says:

loved loved loved this video!!!!

cherokeeman crow says:

Thanks for video helps out alot

Smit Rome says:

Tupac taught me along time ago LA was the place to be lol !

Bert Bert says:

The bicycling from SM to venice is so much fun!!

Chris Hill says:

Great video! I visted LA 11 years ago…it would be fun to visit again. 🙂

MyCalvinMusic says:

Thank you for making this! Scouting locations for music videos and you had so many great spots, great job!

ShameOnShan Copeland says:

Super cool list. Can’t wait to visit

Foxy says:

LOL i lived here for five years and haven’t done any of this XD nazi camp here I come!

louierperez says:

Horse back riding in San Dimas or the Hollywood hills

sayjai bao says:

Romina, really loving this “Things To Do In Los Angeles” series! I would add Chinatown Summer Nights (very festive block party the first Saturday of each month during summertime) and the West Hollywood Halloween Carnivale (the largest outdoor Halloween celebration in America) to the list; some of the costumes are so detailed and intricate, possibly due to LA having so much creative talent and skilled make-up artists.

Khyler McBee says:

I’ve heard about the nazi camp it sounds so cool a lot of history there


This video is awesome! The best list of things to do in L.A. by far! Great job!

Zoey Herr says:

So far the best video about la

Nicholas Frazier says:

I’m coming to L.A in May for my 21st great video thanks Romina.

Bert Bert says:

The Last book Store is great. I feel a companion store is Wacko in Los Feliz. The steps in Culver City is a good place for views and exercise as well.

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ says:

I must link this video for a friend.

The Tennis Courts Are Full says:

This was really cool. Gonna be leaving home for the first time, and I’m thinking of starting with LA. Gonna check out these places for sure!

Jayde Tierney says:

I’ll be in la in April what’s the weather like

WhatWouldKarlaSay says:

Yas! Día de los Muertos is amazing !!!! I had so much fun going for the first time this year

TheJeffhero says:


Roberto Lira says:

I think you could have mentioned that “el día de los muertos” celebration it is a mexican tradition brought by the founder of Los Ángeles.

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