Top 10 Best things to do in Los Angeles

In this video, I show you the top ten things to see in Los Angeles. From secret Instagram spots to hidden beaches, You will see unique things you have never heard of, as well as the mainstream attractions. This video is top 10, but it only shows 10 through 6. Paired with my video one through five, this is the best travel guide you will find anywhere.

Part two Los Angeles top 10

Link to seeing shows for free

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George Vreeland Hill says:

My city. Love it.

Carlos Lacayo says:

Mulholland Drive is bad movie I cant take this seriously anymore sorry brah

Wesley Buirkle says:

LA “s best days are way behind

Hikuri Calavera says:

Mulholland drive is a bad movie? I´m out of here

ufo69691 says:

thumbs down for suggesting dash.

cieszynski1986 says:

whenever in a video like this someone says ‘go to beverly hills’ its a sign they have no idea what they r talking about

juan forero says:

You think rent a car is a good idea ?

willz HatesU says:

Fuck you! Talking shit about David Lynch films.. Also please fix the volume on the effects.. Ear blasting.

Eddie Camacho says:

Fuck you and your donut break

juan Felipe Devia Beltrán says:

I’m the 18,000th view

budfr says:

I always thought FRIENDS WAS FILMED IN nyc

Get Inspired To Be Free says:

My favorite city in the world!

Angel La Canfora says:

“Beverly Hills, where most of the stars live.” Uh, no. That would be the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air & Malibu.

Spenser Koo says:

This looks awesome! Living vacation vicariously through you.

Janet Dungan says:

its pronounced La Bray-uh

The California Review says:

Cool pic

Daniela Ramírez says:

I liked everything you said, except for the movie haha. I know it isn’t a movie for everyone, but maybe you should probably view more of Lynch’s work before watching this film (: Mulholland Drive is a masterpiece. Brilliant, enigmatic, and masterfully filmed.

But thanks for the tips btw! (:

BackinTX4Good says:

I think I recognized some of the “actors” in this video! Great job Zach! Keep up the good work!

Christian's Grandma says:

Were there wheelchair accessibility everywhere?

L Harris says:

I did a Hollywood tour at and I had a really good time.

Generation Identity says:

Diverse culture…why is it so bad to have a white majority? Diversity=white genocide

Eleanor Forbes says:

Mulholland Drive is not a bad film 🙁 you need some more David Lynch in your life!

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