Top Bars in Echo Park, Los Angeles with Kiven on Travel with Kate

I’m lovin’ this band and their picks for great bars in and near their neighborhood of Echo Park. I was super impressed with the fun and laid back mix of places to grab a drink here. It didn’t feel like the LA I’m used to on the west side. It was like traveling in my own city to a place far more laid back.

Come to for more info on this video and the band.

Most Travel with Kate Episodes are edited and shot by me, Kate! But this particular Travel with Kate episode was shot and edited by:
Esther Julie-Anne Shubinski

Other than the Kiven song:
All music is by Jason Moss of Super Sonic Noise
1) Open Sky Open Road
2) The Nightlife
3) Do for you
4) Sly on the Fly

PHOTO CREDIT: In the Travel with Kate opening sequence, the image behind Kate eating sushi (not of Kate) is by photographer Trey Ratcliff of


Andres Martinez says:

White people from other states migrate to Echo Park to become famous? Pathetic.

MarcelMeets says:

Amazing how you did all those camera shots and put them together, must have been lots of work.

Truth says:

Los Angeles sucks, I hate that place, the people have no soul there, its a city of cars, and people in a hurry. cant meet any girls in that evil greedy place.

Jose Aragon says:

Dumb ass it’s not east la

Itchy Tasty Records says:

this is awesome

TheTomvaliente says:

Yeh Kate!
You’d make an awesome roadie!

Marisol Bell says:

Did she say Echo Park is East LA? ha ha ha…..Echo Park is not EastLos….ha!

Dr. Mantis Toboggan, MD says:

It’s crazy how Echo Park went from being a hood that was scary as fuck to walk through at night because you might get shot or mugged, to being Hipster as fuck. I guess as crime went down in the city, the hipsters flooded in.

Mari Johnson says:

Good video! I used to frequent the Bigfoot Lodge when I lived in LA. I’ll have to check out that band!

nene213 says:

yeah echo park now change with all this fuckin hypsters

Marco Rodriguez says:

First off echo park is NOT in east LA echo park is on the west side! I hate how hippie echo park has become. it used to be a pure Latino neighborhood with a Spanish feel to it. Not all the bullshit hippie motjerfuckers coming over fucking shit up!

James Roddy says:

I’m an Echo Park resident. I love Sunset Beer and El Prado. However, as much as I like Big Foot Lodge (1933 club is the best when it comes to creating amazing bars) it is NOT located in Echo Park, that’s Atwater Village. Not far but far enough to not be considered Echo Park. If you were looking for a 3rd bar check out the new Little Joy, renovated and across the street from Sunset Beer.

MANE AllCity says:

fuck all hipsters

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