Walking from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California 【4K】

Venice Beach is a fun place with lots of recreational activities, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Some notable activities are Muscle Beach, Skatepark, Basketball Courts for Streetballers, Handball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts and Bike Trails.
Walked the 2.5-mile boardwalk to reach Santa Monica Pier.

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Cowboys Nation 214 says:

That’s the reason L.A is so expensive, the view is amazing

Chaleco Salvavides says:

I was eleven years old in 1967 when my family moved to Santa Monica, CA. I still love it. It was cheaper back then; we had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apt on 10th street (1800 block) for $115 a month. I used to walk to SAMOHI (Santa Monica High) and to the beach. Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach was a great walk.

Shellyann Haselden says:

Very nice and fun to watch! 🙂

KrispyKremeMcDonalds says:

Are there public toilets on this walk?

женя женя says:


Wind Walk Travel Videos says:

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Shannon77785 says:

Really nice video. I enjoyed watching it. I’ve never seen that part of California before. It’s so beautiful. Love the palm trees. I used to live in Florida. I miss the palm trees, the beach, and ocean. :o)

Mavrick Serious says:

Damn this gives me memories me and my brother and our aunt and one of her friends walked all the way to Santa Monica pier I miss my home Los Angeles California

Joann Siravo says:

Did this wak many times when I lived there. Great memories, thank you!

iwaheedin says:

best traveling video ever

willis mckay says:

where’s all the white people ? really ! I’m shocked.. it looks like a third world cesspool.

brandon garcia says:

if only one day when i’m older i can go back to home. i never had the time to see santa monica because i was just a baby. one day i tell you i will live there and be happy.

anzatzi says:

This is amazing–absolutely captures the vibe

Anne Authors says:

How are you filming this, are you on a Segway? Its amazing, like I’m really there. This makes for great research for my first novel. Thank you.

Freddy Krueger says:

This is not a safe place to where a Make America Great Again hat.

truongo7o says:


Lady on Heels says:

So much better watching this than my channel!

abbaby555 says:

I like your videos, so simple and down to earth
thanksmfor sharing

Marc Lindner says:

Sehr interessantes Video.

Paula Henderson says:

sharks machinez

δημητρης παπ. says:

Some are wearing only their shorts and some are wearing coats…wadafak is goin on

Keyk.de says:

thank you so much for this. I’m from California living in Europe. It was 15 degrees in Germany today (middle of August). I wish I were here… you took me where my heart wanted it be today. Thank you. Subscribed. Maybe you can walk from Newport to Huntington as well? 🙂

Дмитрий .Беляев says:

What do they celebrate?

JumpMan 23 says:

LSPD @4:22 🙂 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Joe Pearson says:

My neighborhood…

Uncouth says:

Just came home from an amazing 2 week trip to Cali, and the only place that made me wish I was back home in Sweden was this place. Protip to other people from.. safe countries.. don’t arrive at your hotel after like 9. Almost got robbed at where he is at around 23:30.

MaNe Official Channel says:

Im from Serbia, and i like this video. Thank you for sharing. Best greetings

Darren Mccready says:

Enjoyed the walk. Shoutout from Ireland.

darknlovely2012bj says:

Showed exactly what i wanted do when i get to los angeles. Your video was very helpful and informative. Thanks

Wooden Tombstone says:

The tootise roll curbs are awesome


Como eu gosto de atropela essas pessoas no gta v kkkkkkkk

41dirka says:

Who is filming this? A ghost? Lmao!

Nyeem Avery says:

i wanna go there but i live way in maryland

Adblock Popup says:

i didnt know a gameplay of GTA VI was leaked

Vladimír Gašpar says:

Skvělé místo tam bych se rád podíval no mě se to tam moc líbí

Evelyn Rumfield says:

watching matt Taylor voice actor verminious snaptrap from tuff puppy

HedgeMoney says:

Abbot Kinney’s dream is still a freak show.

Doggy Doge says:

28:00. Reminder to myself

Ange romeor says:


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