After 11 hours of traveling we have made it to Los Angeles finally! We have so much fun while we are here! Emma is coming out of

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We are a loving family
that is on the journey of our lives!! We chose to share our lives with you on YouTube! We quit our jobs and took a leap of faith and moved across the country to start enjoying our lives! Emma and Ellie are all-star cheerleaders and they are on a new journey
of virtual school! Come be a part of our family because “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”!! shell and is actually talking and making friends. Me and Karen walk the Hollywood walk of fame which was an experience for sure. How is Ellie and Mark doing all by themselves!


BabyGirl says:

the house she is at what is it for?

Makaylah Vizcaino says:

Hey I just left Los Angeles

Shalynn Mason says:

what part of florida do you live in?

Nayana Twins says:

U meet my favorite youtuber blancaj

xabby ausbrook_05 says:

OMG!!!!!! i stayed at that sand hotel at the same time uhhhhhhh

RobinNicole says:

Are you in L.A. for a YouTube event?

Elysian Lily says:

I know what the movie field of dreams is it’s pretty cool

Bella 37272 says:

Where was Emma

Emily S says:

I had a flight to South Carolina and we had to get off in Atlanta to get on another plan. And we were in the exact same seats too! Lol too funny

Shalynn Mason says:

what part of florida do you live in?

ali brooks says:

So glad Emma’s having fun! I can tell she’s having fun!

xabby ausbrook_05 says:

im back in texas now tho

Trisha Brizendine says:

I love watching Mia Maples videos so cool seeing her in the vlog!! ☺️

AS MR says:

what is that song called in your outro ?

Edits 154 says:

What is Emma doing there?

Anna Zuniga says:

Have fun Emma and heather!!!!!!

In Nalahs World says:

Omg i love jazzy I’ve been watching her channel since she was on ssg

Veda Cruz says:

I saw you today at the fair OMG

Catherine Nicole says:

ok don’t even explain to us why ur in la. js have everyone super confused. great job u guys r such fantastic vloggers

Tracy Groves says:

So excited to see Mia Maples! LOVE her videos. Hope you had a great time.

Katrina Rector says:

I love how happy Emma is!! This is what she needs and definitely deserves this more than some of the older dote creators.

Brissa Hernandez says:

How old is Ellie

Mahria Donner says:

I live in California and I’ve never seen the stars

Alana Boria says:

Omg that’s the same house that Emma chamberlain was in

Bri Alexis says:

i love you guys so much ahhaha

Phoebe Bridle says:

Idek why they are there for did they explain in another vlog

Bailey Pearson says:

I love watching Mia! also I’m glad to see Emma bonding with other girls who understand what she goes through

Ysabella Nunez says:

How old is Mika???? Cause the way she keeps pulling down her shirt is not good!!!

Cris caridad says:

Yes awesome I am so excited for Emma socializing

Sarah Mitchell says:

wait where is emma going and why bc i’m confused

Aleigha Jackson says:

I’m pretty sure Sofie Dossi was in your guys video at 8:01!! You can see the back of her head and her brother.

Jazzmyn Jorgenson says:

My name is Jazzmyn, but everyone calls me Jazzy


No wonder i didnt see yall out in cali. Yall was in hollywood. Im in los angeles. Omg emma you met and hung out with mia maples. I watch her videos all the time. This is so cool.

Taiylor Corey says:

I stayed in that same hotel in April!

Daily Isabel says:

I live in LA !!!

~Arianna~ says:

The fact that Emma and Mia Maples are hanging out has me shook…I love my fellow Canadian ❤

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