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Thank you Carol’s Daughter for the AMAZZIIINNGGGG trip to Mexico!! Their new Coco Crème line is launching at the end of March, so that invited a bunch of us out to Mexico to celebrate! I had so much fun meeting all these lovely curly girls. Thumbs up for more travel vlogs! 😊


F A Q:

Name- Lisette (Luh-set)
Race- Black & White
Height- 5’3
Location- LA
Age- 21


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Curly Brown says:

You make me want to pack my bags and go to Mexico fr lol but sis you betta than me with them spiders, I would need another room to stay in…. Pssh another hotel knowing me lol

Kris K says:

Harden ears pickney always feel lol true!

Elizabeth Pommells says:

” Hard ears pickney always feel “. Only caribbean people would understand. Love from Jamaica.

The Smartie says:

The hoops tho

Marim Elsheimy says:

Make a video about you following jasmin brown’hair video plz

Charise Octavia says:

Oh nope! That spider was huge af oh my god…

Alicia Motley says:

Yesss I love it, women coming together and nothing but good vibes ❤

ayer Bear says:

I would leave the room and never go back in lol

Shorey Paulette says:

Spider? NOPEEEE Sis can have the room it’s the spider’s room now! Lmaoooo

Alexa Fernández says:

Lmaooo she’s freaking out about the spider.. in parts of rural Mexico, the kids shake their covers for scorpions every night!!

Star Bright says:

Hope you checked your luggage to make sure there were no spiders!

Jordan Smith says:


Alyssa C says:


erica L says:

Hey Luhhsetty! What hotel did you all stay at in Cancun? The place looks beautiful.

obito uchiah says:

I can see inside your nose

Precious Nkire says:

Does anyone ever tell u that ur sister looks Mexican?I think she looks like fully Mexican, it’s weird tho cus I think u guys look alike but maybe it’s just her black hair that makes her look like that, u guys are soo pretty btw

charisse bouquet says:

Omg lussetty is so me when there’s a spider

Angel H says:


HeyitssVal says:

seeing happy and living your best life makes me so happy <3

Alisha Solis says:

i love these vlogs so much! i hope my channel is this good once I start.

K Lo says:

Thanks for sharing! You are so blessed and I pray you continue this journey of more blessings to come. Now, can we say how beautiful Mexico is and how much fun you all had. You were lol the entire time. Loved it!

Zah-Myia Martin says:

I would burned the whole place down from that spider!

jessica says:

And THIS is why I want to be a YouTuber

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