A most amazing trip! Fun with Farm Girl!

A most amazing trip! Fun with Farm Girl!

A recent trip to Mexico was awesome! Playing on the beaches along the Riviera Maya, drinking tequila, getting massages on the beach beneath the coconut palms by the blue caribbean. We visited the ruins of Tulum and bought reposado and anejo tequila. We learned that you can buy things like viagra and Retin-a over the counter in the farmacias.

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Elliott Wolcott says:

Nice video. Do you want to go back there?

John Litl says:

great videos looks liek you guys had a great time of it . did i hear you right and you said you were in cancun ? and you were at the raleigh airport ?

Wally World says:

Greetings from wrightsville beach, thanks for sharing your awesome trip!

Joel V says:

vous êtes une très jolie femme musclées,sympa et vous avez toujours ce magnifique sourire.peut être nous rencontrerons à Paris ville si romantique.

Adolfo Fullo says:

Great video tnx for sharing.. I subbed and like no. 144 please sub back tnx. Greetings!

Thad White says:

You guys are awesome!!! my wife and I went to Tulum a few years ago and it was probably the most beautiful place we’ve ever been

Uncle Jess says:

After I picked up my jaw off the floor I subscribed. She is incredible! You are one lucky basserd.

hiphopguru81 says:

Excellent camera work around 16:10. Creative use of surrounding area. 🙂

David Jordon says:

Your wife is absolutely gorgeous, obviously sweet and very cute too. Glad you two got out there to explore and enjoy yourselves

Stevo King king says:

I bet she gives some ride in the bed

Joe Price says:

Awesome video , you guys !

blkjckgtrnut says:

Great video awsome looks like you had a great time!!Cheers

G RAThbun says:

Great smile….nice to see a happy lady.


I really love this couple!

Edward Dergosits says:

BTW I am a dentist and I can see how you would never tire of her smile. She has beautiful teeth.

Edward Dergosits says:

Farm girl is very beautiful inside and out. I have been lucky to have spent several years with a few similarly beautiful women but eventually “the thrill was gone”. Likely my defect. How do you keep up such a passionate relationship after all these years? Do you have children?

Edward Dergosits says:

How did you loose your toe? That must have been very painful!!

Kole Kosta says:

Wonderful upload . Thanks for share .Thumb up! Greetings

peter north says:

Lawd have mercy !

Richard Driskill says:

I know you guys were headed to the south side of Cancun (40 miles south, a real nice beach area), but …P-L-E-A-S-E…, next time, re-think your travel destination – Mexico (which you pronounced correctly!) is the country where more Americans are murdered each year than ANY other …on the entire planet! Please don’t do that again; it’s just too chancy. Try the Caribbean or something.

P.S.: Banshee Moon was the most beautiful woman in the entire video [duh, what else is new].

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