BLOCKING THE ROAD?! – Mexico road trip day 3

DAY 1352 // 8th March 2017 // San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Amazing Villas!

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Pitu Gangji says:

Every year mexico sinks by 1centimetre

Beth Moody says:

Awesome adventure and vlog!!

Aaron Schumacher says:

Its no mans land. Why would Google Maps waste their time on Mexico?

gonnax says:

san Miguel del Allende, is a very beautiful town

Antonio Olivares says:

Estuvieron en mi ciudad :’)

Renit Rift says:

You got Thai Curry in Mexico. In Mexico! Unbelievable. When most people are in Mexico they can’t sleep in because they are jonesing for a Mexican breakfast or lunch. But you get Thai curry.

Vanelicious says:

Mexico has soooo many little hidden gems! Love living the adventure through you guys! 🙂 *Safe Travels*

SYM says:

You got the text before you attempted driving through that bendy road…meaning you booked the villa long before you found out the roads to the RV part were too narrow. Hence, the photo.

Bryan D says:

2:51 a scene straight out of austin powers

Liana Polito says:

Y’all should swing by Boerne,Texas on the way to Austin! It’s a cute German town and it has good food!!! Right outside of San Antonio Texas

Benjamin Lee says:

San Miguel de Allende is an incredible place!

BrrBrr says:

Love Mexico and Mexicans sooo much!!! Seeing familiar places is bringing it all back and warming my heart. Glad to be following you and the boys on this trip. Was so happy to find out you acquired Felix and Sally’s old bus. Sooo fitting!!! Love the road trip vlogs.
Enjoy the adventure!!!

John Stewart says:

whats the city?

Dan Galla says:

I feel like this is one of the ultimate adventures I’d love to take!!

Dubya P says:

Why not rent an airplane and fly up and JP can get checked out in it for future adventures. I’ll bet AeroMexico flies to Austin.

josh green says:

I don’t know whats happend as this is as far as i’ve gotten.
But you can use the batteries and a stick weld to join it back together.

YoYo says:

I think the cool thing about the bus, is that if you can work from the bus, you can save up for the nice villas.

Tiraha Schaumkell says:

seeing you all together makes me so happy ahhhh <3 currently binge watching all these vlogs 🙂

maca attack says:

Mexico the most beautiful country in world. so much culture
Mexico es mi peblo ❤

Florian Innefable says:

travelling from sightseeing to a pool haha so stereotype of american travelers

Steffi Rodríguez says:

Louis you have viewers all over crazy little towns here in Mexico. I wish you guys could have the time to go to Mexico City its a beautiful city, really really the best. You should come back with more time to get to know more than the little towns that leads you to the US. Wish you the best in your journey 🙂

KittyBear says:

Epic vlog
Traction Alopecia going on with your hairline.
Might cut it off now and save some hair. It can recover and grown back

Dog and Crow says:

Its not what you know, its who you know 🙂

Renit Rift says:

Mexico is totally gorgeous.

Frostyfern says:

Sam always does this gesture with his hands, like he’s airing wind out. What’s the meaning ?

Shikhar Tyagi says:

Ain’t nobody gonna talk about 9:40? xD

Sofia Ramirez H says:

Louis! Couldn’t be happier and grateful for showing Mexico’s gratefulness

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