BUYING GIFTS FOR THE KIDS IN MEXICO : Adventuring Family of 11

We had an amazing trip to Mexico and had so much fun swimming and shopping and enjoying the sun! Wandering through the market and finding the perfect gifts for each child was our biggest concern. Did we do it?
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Tay says:

My kids and I have been to Mexico 5 times , 2 times on a cruise traveling the Western Caribbean where we stopped at Cozumel and 3 times staying at an inclusive resort in Cancun. We love Mexico!!! Megan congrats on the weight loss it fits you well! Mike the beard is gone and you look much younger man.

j&j's explorations says:

Love that you shared Puerto Vallerta with us……thank you!!!

Natalie Cheah says:

What did Mike get?

Fran Densmore says:

Mike looks so different really good. And so young

Biking Life UK says:

Mike without his beard is like the time I tried contact lenses. The whole Family said it’s not you without your glasses and to be honest could not get on with contacts so went back to glasses.

Tina Mar says:

Me bueno??

Danielle Simmons says:

We just got back from a trip to the Pacific Coast of Mexico all well (beautiful there) and brought home some pom poms for the kids bedrooms as well and you’re right – they are super cute hanging by a window… you WILL never get tired of them! Great video, and really enjoyed the little bit you shared of your time away!

Tracy Stansell says:

Ahh…I LOVE Esther’s shirt!!!

sillykidsnow says:

So much fun!! Cute stuff!! The kids will love their gifts!! Congratulations on your adventure!!

Tammy Morrison says:

You guys look so relaxed and happy… enjoy

Karla Devora says:

20 pesos = 1 American dollar


Y’all should film more of the food! I always love looking at what you guys eat

wanda rettinger says:

Mike looks 20 years younger. Wow!

Kay La says:

They sell that candy in the US too

Heather D says:

You have such an eye for unique things, I enjoyed seeing what you chose. I just wonder what you would have gotten for Morocco?

Vicki Goodolf says:

Love your sunglasses! Can I ask what brand they are and where I can purchase them?

Mr Lee says:

Mike is getting more handsome..

Krista's Kaleidoscope says:

I LAUGHED WAY TOO HARD at Megan and the bandito bang bang bang bang bang lol!!! Could be because it’s 2:30am but Megan is a hoot so you decide!! Lol

Mer Bennn says:

Mike you look great without the beard, healthier n younger

Our National Adventure says:

What a beautiful place!

Stacy Drain says:

Lovely trip again for the family, they are fabulous all the children. Please share how to live your travel, high fashion lifestyle by selling Essential Oils

Sonya Nguyen says:

It took me a second to realize who this stranger was. Haha Mike looks so different without the beard! I like it!

Diane Black says:

What did Mike get?

rpaw says:

Thank you for vlogging Mexico. Did Mike score a souvenir?

Amanda Wilder says:

Someone tell mike those “peletons” choco marshmallow candies can be bought at any Mexican tienda in the states

travellers life says:

Mexico is like Philippines same currency

Razan Raghad says:

The black dress is sooo beautiful! The bags too

Katrina MT says:

Mexico looks lovely. The gifts for the kids are perfect!

Montez says:

I think Mexico is such a fun place to visit. I spent 18 months traveling/ exploring Mexico.

mandy falloon says:

could you put the name of the hotel up please x

Julie Zainal says:

Hi I love no beard he looks so handsome and you look so retro 1960’s how cute!!!!!

Julia Diaz says:

I hope you record giving the gifts to the kids

Family Travel Vlog says:

I just noticed how close you are to 200k subs! So excited for you

agate girl says:

Loved the video!!

KR Awesome says:

Your dress and bag are AMAZING and look so good on you. I’m jealous. Lol. I hope you two finally went in the tub on the balcony. It looked so relaxing.

Maureen Webster says:

Beautiful resort…..great finds

Kit Kit says:

Where did you get your cute Cat Blouse?

geni allen says:

Such a wonderful , beautiful vacation….Mike I did not recognize you not only do you look younger (without beard) but so very cute. Megan you look lovely.

vivian williams says:

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time in Mexico! You guys look fantastic, and Megan looking exceptionally Beautiful, so glad you had this relaxing trip!

Floralscent Kim says:

Great video…you guys are so fun! Mike, you look great without the beard but I like you better with one. Even if it’s a cropped version.

vickymarla1 says:

So beautiful! What is the name of that resort?

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